Quotes from It Gets Worse: A Collection of Essays

Shane Dawson ·  256 pages

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“If you're passionate about something, give it your all, and you will find happiness.”
― Shane Dawson, quote from It Gets Worse: A Collection of Essays

“I'm here to tell you that it gets worse. It really does. The problems you have as a kid will seem ridiculous when you get older because bigger and worse problems will come along. But you will learn to deal with them easier as you grow up, or, like me, you'll just stop giving a shit. So yes, it gets worse, but you know what gets better? Your tolerance for the bullshit.”
― Shane Dawson, quote from It Gets Worse: A Collection of Essays

“Now this isn't meant to make anyone feel like college is a waste of time, because for so many people it's not. But don't go because you feel like you have to. If your heart isn't in it, then why spend four years of your life stuck somewhere you don't want to be?”
― Shane Dawson, quote from It Gets Worse: A Collection of Essays

“All those years I had thought my first choice would be Sour Patch Kids but then I realized God had a different plan for me. Peanut butter and chocolate. Praise the Lord.”
― Shane Dawson, quote from It Gets Worse: A Collection of Essays

“Isn’t that weird how you never see a fat kid eat? We always do it in private, as if we are fooling anyone. How sad. As”
― Shane Dawson, quote from It Gets Worse: A Collection of Essays

“And nowadays, I keep my promises.”
― Shane Dawson, quote from It Gets Worse: A Collection of Essays

“To everyone who gets me, thank you. To everyone who doesn't, thank you too. You give me the motivation to keep succeeding just to piss you off.”
― Shane Dawson, quote from It Gets Worse: A Collection of Essays

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