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7+ quotes from Eye of the Needle by Ken Follett

Quotes from Eye of the Needle

Ken Follett ·  339 pages

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“The trouble with being inspired to perform the impossible was that the inspiration gave you no clues to the practical means.”
― Ken Follett, quote from Eye of the Needle

“Blenkinsop sighed. "As usual, those of you who can think of better ways to win the war are invited to write directly to Mr. Winston Churchill, number 10 Downing Street, London South-West-One. Now, are there any questions, as opposed to stupid criticisms?”
― Ken Follett, quote from Eye of the Needle

“Our whole strategy must be to prevent the Allies from securing a beachhead, because once they achieve that, the battle is lost…perhaps even the war.”
― Ken Follett, quote from Eye of the Needle

“War was grueling and oppressive and frustrating and uncomfortable, but one had friends. If peace brought back loneliness, Godliman thought he would not be able to live with it.”
― Ken Follett, quote from Eye of the Needle

“Villages in the English countryside were cut off by the snow,”
― Ken Follett, quote from Eye of the Needle

“Around most of its coast the cliffs rise out of the cold sea without the courtesy of a beach. Angered by this rudeness the waves pound on the rock in impotent rage: a ten-thousand-year fit of bad temper that the island ignores with impunity.”
― Ken Follett, quote from Eye of the Needle

“I haven’t had the opportunity to discover the merits of monogamy.”
― Ken Follett, quote from Eye of the Needle

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