Quotes from Interred with Their Bones

Jennifer Lee Carrell ·  432 pages

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“That the good that we do might live on after us, while the evil lies interred with their bones.”
― Jennifer Lee Carrell, quote from Interred with Their Bones

“Right, then.” He pointed across to a bank of phones against the wall. “If you want to check your voice mail, now’s the time.”
“Where’s my phone?”
“Out of service.”
“It was fine in the car.”
“It’s not fine now.”
“What’d you do to it?”
“Put it out of our misery. I’m sorry, Kate. But every minute it’s on, you’re traceable to within the length of a football field, anywhere on the planet.”
― Jennifer Lee Carrell, quote from Interred with Their Bones

“If you don't want the nickname, don't live up to it.”
― Jennifer Lee Carrell, quote from Interred with Their Bones

“An ancient mustiness padded the air, tinged with with an acrid scent-a trace of the war between paper and oxygen, played out in slow inexorable burn that would one day crumble this empire to dust." -page 62”
― Jennifer Lee Carrell, quote from Interred with Their Bones

“I doubt if he himself leaks even enough to piss more than once a year on his birthday,”
― Jennifer Lee Carrell, quote from Interred with Their Bones

About the author

Jennifer Lee Carrell
Born place: in The United States
Born date March 25, 2018
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