Quotes from Collision

Stefne Miller ·  333 pages

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“If there's one area of me that the devil's got a hold of, it's my tongue.”
― Stefne Miller, quote from Collision

“My ACTIONS should draw people to the God I serve, not my SALES PITCH. If people want what I have, they'll ask me how to get it. If not, that's their business.”
― Stefne Miller, quote from Collision

“I don't think there's anything wrong with borrowing someone else's faith to get you through until you get enough on your own.”
― Stefne Miller, quote from Collision

“Kei: Is there anything else you need while I'm here, Your Highness?
Cabot: No, but you can leave the sarcasm in there.”
― Stefne Miller, quote from Collision

“Nuestras vidas Colisionaron. Nosotros fuimos una feliz colisión de dos mundos combinándose en uno.”
― Stefne Miller, quote from Collision

About the author

Stefne Miller
Born place: in Oklahoma City, The United States
Born date June 10, 1970
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