Quotes from I Let You Go

Clare Mackintosh ·  371 pages

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“My steps feel lighter now and I realize it’s because I’m running toward something, and not away from it.”
― Clare Mackintosh, quote from I Let You Go

“Such a small impact on the world, yet the very centre of my own.”
― Clare Mackintosh, quote from I Let You Go

“Five years of someone's life is too much to lose over a throwaway comment.”
― Clare Mackintosh, quote from I Let You Go

“Gradually, without my noticing, my grief has changed shape; from a raw, jagged pain that won't be silenced to a dull, rounded ache I'm able to lock away at the back of my mind.”
― Clare Mackintosh, quote from I Let You Go

“Freeze or reheat. Thinking of you. I still don’t know who it’s from. Many of the condolence cards that arrived after my parents’ deaths came with stories of the cars they’d sold over the years. Keys handed to over-confident teens and over-anxious parents. Two-seater sports cars traded for family-friendly estates. Cars to celebrate promotions, big birthdays, retirements. My parents played a part in many different stories.”
― Clare Mackintosh, quote from I Let You Go

“You must remember that he was a boy. That he had a mother. And that her heart is breaking.”
― Clare Mackintosh, quote from I Let You Go

“Everything has changed. The instant the car slid across the wet tarmac, my whole life changed. I can see everything clearly, as though I am standing on the sidelines. I can't go on like this.”
― Clare Mackintosh, quote from I Let You Go

“They speak to each other through the magistrate, like warring children communicating through a parent, their words are extravagantly emotive illustrated with flamboyant gestures that are wasted on the empty court room”
― Clare Mackintosh, quote from I Let You Go

“It’s reactive, not proactive. We shouldn’t be sitting back, waiting for intelligence to come to us: we should be out there looking for it.”
― Clare Mackintosh, quote from I Let You Go

“They reach the quiet street where home lies just around the corner, its seductive warmth a welcome sight.”
― Clare Mackintosh, quote from I Let You Go

“Una huella tan pequeña en el mundo y, sin embargo, el centro absoluto del mío. Incapaz”
― Clare Mackintosh, quote from I Let You Go

“In the time he’d been a copper, political correctness had reached a point where anything remotely personal had to be skirted around. In a few years’ time people wouldn’t be able to talk at all.”
― Clare Mackintosh, quote from I Let You Go

“Cuando uno se marcha de un sitio es fácil imaginar que la vida sigue igual que siempre, aunque en realidad no hay nada que siga siendo igual durante mucho tiempo.”
― Clare Mackintosh, quote from I Let You Go


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Clare Mackintosh
Born place: Bristol, The United Kingdom
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