5+ quotes from Against All Odds by Angie McKeon

Quotes from Against All Odds

Angie McKeon ·  323 pages

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“We share a reckless, toxic love that feeds the brokenness in me, in us. Our love is an addiction. A love that I won’t ever consider living without.”
― Angie McKeon, quote from Against All Odds

“It doesn't come in pretty packages. Sometimes it dents and bruises and does things it regrets, but it also forgives, shows mercy, and supports. It soothes and fights to the death.”
― Angie McKeon, quote from Against All Odds

“We're still dealing with the consequences of our actions. The people you drag down with you never go away. You have to pay a penance for your sins.”
― Angie McKeon, quote from Against All Odds

“..real love pulls through in the toughest times. it doesn't give up. It heals wounds.”
― Angie McKeon, quote from Against All Odds

“I love you. I’m addicted to you. Sometimes that love borders on toxic.”
― Angie McKeon, quote from Against All Odds

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Angie McKeon
Born place: South Africa
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