10+ quotes from Choices of One by Timothy Zahn

Quotes from Choices of One

Timothy Zahn ·  357 pages

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“Multiple species, with multiple viewpoints and racial philosophies, simply cannot hold power together for long. The dominant voice must certainly be wise enough to adopt ideas and methods from its allies and member peoples. But there must be a dominant voice, or there is only chaos. In this part of the galaxy, that voice is the Empire."

― Timothy Zahn, quote from Choices of One

“My point is that true leaders...understand the possible consequences of their decisions, and are willing to bear that weight. The question is whether that's a step you're willing to take."

-Carlist Rieekan”
― Timothy Zahn, quote from Choices of One

“...But we will succeed. I've seen the future, Jorj. We will succeed, because we have no other choice."

― Timothy Zahn, quote from Choices of One

“The choices of one shape the futures of all’?”
― Timothy Zahn, quote from Choices of One

“Where there’s life, there’s the hope of change.”
― Timothy Zahn, quote from Choices of One

“If you accept the position of governor, part of your job is to make sure all your people have a decent shot at making something good out of their lives.”
― Timothy Zahn, quote from Choices of One

“Which meant he was alone here. Even more alone than he’d realized. He took a deep breath. He wasn’t alone. The Force was with him.”
― Timothy Zahn, quote from Choices of One

“the need to create is a drive that lies deep within each of us. We all strive to build empires, whether of stone or people or words. Empires we hope will survive us. In the end, though, each of us must necessarily leave our creations behind. All we can hope for is to also leave behind a worthy successor to continue our work. Or who can at least maintain it for a season.”
― Timothy Zahn, quote from Choices of One

“Leave it to the Alderaanians to slap a cheery end on a nice little grisly children’s morality tale.”
― Timothy Zahn, quote from Choices of One

“Thrawn shrugged. "There are two ways to destroy a person, Jorj. Kill him, or ruin his reputation.”
― Timothy Zahn, quote from Choices of One

About the author

Timothy Zahn
Born place: in Chicago, IL, The United States
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