Quotes from Dark Tide

Jennifer Donnelly ·  392 pages

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“Lots of things are impossible,” she said softly. “Until they’re not.”
― Jennifer Donnelly, quote from Dark Tide

“good warrior knows when to lose a battle so she can live to fight the war.”
― Jennifer Donnelly, quote from Dark Tide

“If you wait for someone else to make things better, you'll be waiting a very long time”
― Jennifer Donnelly, quote from Dark Tide

“But here, surrounded by friends who wanted her, she recognized for the first time that there was only one voice that truly mattered. Only one she had to listen to. Her own.”
― Jennifer Donnelly, quote from Dark Tide

“Her eyes drank in the colors of home—the soft gray of an arctic gull’s wing. The clear blue heart of an ice floe.”
― Jennifer Donnelly, quote from Dark Tide

“And a good warrior knows when to lose a battle so she can live to fight the”
― Jennifer Donnelly, quote from Dark Tide

“I’ve been in contact with her. She approached me months ago. I know the terms of her deal. She’s going to tell Ragnar that Ondalina’s attack on Miromara was an act of war and that he must surrender. Either he accepts Lucia”
― Jennifer Donnelly, quote from Dark Tide

“Volnero as the new ruler of Ondalina or Miromara obliterates our entire realm. I will advise Ragnar to accept her terms.”
― Jennifer Donnelly, quote from Dark Tide

“The blue whale was so magnificent and her song so beautiful, that Becca’s heart swelled. She felt Marco’s hand tighten on hers and knew he felt the same way. She turned to him, but Marco wasn’t looking at the whale anymore, he was looking at her. He was still holding her hand and was floating close to her now.”
― Jennifer Donnelly, quote from Dark Tide

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Jennifer Donnelly
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