8+ quotes from I Can't Tell You by Hillary Frank

Quotes from I Can't Tell You

Hillary Frank ·  208 pages

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“Trust = telling someone about the things that make you sleepless.”
― Hillary Frank, quote from I Can't Tell You

“Writing feels safer somehow. I can catch myself before I say the wrong thing.”
― Hillary Frank, quote from I Can't Tell You

“Have you ever gotten so sad that it actually feels GOOD to do something you know will make you even sadder?”
― Hillary Frank, quote from I Can't Tell You

“Under a sky that hasn't been blue for weeks.”
― Hillary Frank, quote from I Can't Tell You

“Trust = telling someone about the things that make you sleepless. Or trying to, at least. Wanting to.”
― Hillary Frank, quote from I Can't Tell You

“I think you should really really be sure you love someone + that they love you back before you get into a relationship.”
― Hillary Frank, quote from I Can't Tell You

“Flushed with the explosive shit of a sumo wrestler who ate Mexican food.”
― Hillary Frank, quote from I Can't Tell You

“It's kinda cool to think about you as a real person, instead of some fetus ghost.”
― Hillary Frank, quote from I Can't Tell You

About the author

Hillary Frank
Born place: in The United States
Born date January 1, 1976
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