10+ quotes from Hyde by Lauren Stewart

Quotes from Hyde

Lauren Stewart ·  378 pages

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“Hope is nice. Fucking useless in this situation, but still nice. You have one sentence before you start bleeding. Make it good.”
― Lauren Stewart, quote from Hyde

“Relationships are complicated."

"Not all of them. For instance, our relationship is very simple. You are annoying; I am annoyed. See? Totally uncomplicated.”
― Lauren Stewart, quote from Hyde

“Mitch thought she looked like an angel might—if the angel had fallen very hard into a very naughty position.”
― Lauren Stewart, quote from Hyde

“All of us hate to be caged, Mitch. For Hyde, and maybe Chastity, it’s necessary. But for the rest of us, it’s a choice.” Eden stalked out, wondering which choice she was making.”
― Lauren Stewart, quote from Hyde

“She really never lies?"


"How is that possible?" Mitch leaned back in his chair. "I lie before breakfast. And, if no one else is around, I lie to myself.”
― Lauren Stewart, quote from Hyde

“They played, laughed, and teased until the moment she slid him inside of her. When his world stopped. Everything he'd ever known. Everything he'd ever been disappeared in that one moment.”
― Lauren Stewart, quote from Hyde

“Stop doing that." He motioned at her face. "Don't- Argh! Alright! There's something else. Just turn off the sprinklers.”
― Lauren Stewart, quote from Hyde

“When you visited my office the other day, did I accidentally say I couldn't wait to see you again? Because if so, I left out a word. I meant to say: I can't wait to see you never again.”
― Lauren Stewart, quote from Hyde

“She’d built her entire life around the idea that the only thing she could control was herself—her actions, her words. And, if she did the right thing, other people would somehow treat her with the same respect. But it wasn’t true, now, was it? Her decency made no difference at all in anyone’s life but hers.”
― Lauren Stewart, quote from Hyde

“She was nice, and, while nice people often end up last, they don’t inspire violence in others.”
― Lauren Stewart, quote from Hyde

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