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“There is also a third kind of madness, which is possession by the Muses, enters into a delicate and virgin soul, and there inspiring frenzy, awakens lyric....But he, who, not being inspired and having no touch of madness in his soul, comes to the door and thinks he will get into the temple by the help of art--he, I say, and his poetry are not admitted; the sane man is nowhere at all when he enters into rivalry with the madman.”
― Plato, quote from Phaedo

“if you are willing to reflect on the courage and moderation of other people, you will find them strange...they all consider death a great evil...and the brave among them face death, when they do, for fear of greater evils...therefore, it is fear and terror that make all men brave, except for philosophers. yet it is illogical to be brave through fear and cowardice...what of the moderate among them? is their experience not similar?...they master certain pleasures because they are mastered by others...i fear this is not the right exchange to attain virtue, to exchange pleasures for pleasures, pains for pains, and fears for fears, the greater for the less like coins, but that they only valid currency for which all these things should be exchanged is wisdom.”
― Plato, quote from Phaedo

“It is our duty to select the best and most dependable theory that human intelligence can supply, and use it as a raft to ride the seas of life.”
― Plato, quote from Phaedo

“For as there are misanthropists, or haters of men, there are also misologists, or haters of ideas, and both spring from the same cause, which is ignorance of the world.”
― Plato, quote from Phaedo

“Other people are likely not to be aware that those who pursue philosophy aright study nothing but dying and being dead. Now if this is true, it would be absurd to be eager for nothing but this all their lives, and then to be troubled when that came for which they had all along been eagerly practicing.”
― Plato, quote from Phaedo

“Wars and revolutions and battles, you see, are due simply and solely to the body and its desires. All wars are undertaken for the acquisition of wealth; and the reason why we have to acquire wealth is the body, because we are slaves in its service.”
― Plato, quote from Phaedo

“The wise man will want to be ever with him who is better than himself.”
― Plato, quote from Phaedo

“Are not they temperate from a kind of intemperance?”
― Plato, quote from Phaedo

“Crito, I owe a cock to Asclepius; will you remember to pay the debt?”
― Plato, quote from Phaedo

“Crito we owe a rooster to Aesculapius”
― Plato, quote from Phaedo

“What you should do, said Socrates, is to say a magic spell over him every day until you have charmed his fears away.”
― Plato, quote from Phaedo

“Idées développée dans Phédon :

1° jugement des âmes après la mort
2° système de punitions graduées en même temps système d'expiation et de purification
3° retour des âmes à la vie sous des formes plus ou moins parfaites”
― Plato, quote from Phaedo

“Car si le plaisir et la douleur ne se rencontrent jamais en même temps, quand on prend l'un, il faut accepter l'autre, comme si un lien naturel les rendait inséparables.”
― Plato, quote from Phaedo

“Mais ceux qui sont reconnus avoir passé leur dans la sainteté, ceux-là sont délivrés de ces lieux terrestres, comme d'une prison, et s'en vont là-haut, dans l'habitation pure au-dessus de la terre.”
― Plato, quote from Phaedo

“Ayez soin de vous, ainsi vous me rendrez service, à moi, à ma famille, à vous-mêmes, alors même que vous ne me promettriez rien présentement”
― Plato, quote from Phaedo

“He aquí por qué no tenemos tiempo para pensar en la filosofía; y el mayor de nuestros males consiste en que en el acto de tener tiempo y ponernos a meditar, de repente interviene el cuerpo en nuestras indagaciones, nos embaraza, nos turba y no nos deja discernir la verdad.”
― Plato, quote from Phaedo

“La misantropia nasce dal riporre eccessiva fiducia in qualcuno senza una conoscenza tecnica, dal ritenere un uomo completamente veritiero, sano e affidabile, e dallo scoprire dopo poco tempo che è cattivo e inaffidabile, e così ancora con altri. E quando uno soffra molte volte per questa stessa esperienza, e soprattutto da parte di quelli che considera più vicini e più amici, allora, per i ripetuti colpi, finisce per odiare tutti e per ritenere che non ci sia niente di sincero in nessuno. Non ti sei accorto che è così che succede?".
"Certo" risposi.
"E questo - disse - non è brutto? e non è chiaro che chi agisce così cerca di trattare le persone senza una conoscenza specifica delle cose umane? Se infatti agisse con questa conoscenza, li giudicherebbe così come sono, alcuni estremamente buoni o cattivi, e la maggioranza mediocremente buona o cattiva".”
― Plato, quote from Phaedo

“Y bien; purificar el alma, ¿no es, como antes decíamos, separarla del cuerpo, y acostumbrarla a encerrarse y recogerse en sí misma, renunciando al comercio con aquel cuanto sea posible, y viviendo, sea en esta vida, sea en la otra, sola y desprendida del cuerpo, como quien se desprende de una cadena?”
― Plato, quote from Phaedo

“no se camina hacia la virtud cambiando placeres por placeres, tristezas por tristezas, temores por temores, y haciendo lo mismo que los que cambian una moneda en menudo. La sabiduría es la única moneda de buena ley, y por ella es preciso cambiar todas las demás cosas. Con ella se compra todo y se tiene todo: fortaleza, templanza, justicia; en una palabra, la virtud no es verdadera sino con la sabiduría, independientemente de los placeres, de las tristezas, de los temores y de todas las demás pasiones. Mientras”
― Plato, quote from Phaedo

“É por isso, meus caros Símias e Cebete, que os verdadeiros filósofos se acautelam contra os apetites do corpo, resistem-lhes e não se deixam dominar por eles; não têm medo da pobreza nem da ruína de sua própria casa, como a maioria dos homens, amigos das riquezas, nem temem a falta de honrarias e a vida inglória, como se dá com os amantes do poder e das distinções”
― Plato, quote from Phaedo

“O que de pior acontece a qualquer pessoa é tornar-se inimigo da palavra”
― Plato, quote from Phaedo

“Be of good cheer, then, my dear Crito, and say that you are burying my body only”
― Plato, quote from Phaedo

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