27+ quotes from Friend-Zoned by Belle Aurora

Quotes from Friend-Zoned

Belle Aurora ·  315 pages

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“So we can be friends, right?”
Wait, what?
I stare at her, a frown forming at my mouth.
Did I..? Did I just get Friend-zoned?”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“Some days are just hard and you want to go asleep and wake up a week from now knowing the problem is gone. Everyone feels like that once in a while.
Life can be overwhelming.”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“You're it. The one. The start. The finish. You are how my story ends.”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“Fuck off, Beyoncé. There’s no such thing as angels. No one wears a halo. And if they do it’s only to disguise the pointed horns that sit atop their heads.”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“He chuckles and says, "Finally. More than friends." I put on the most serious face I can muster and offer, "yeah, more than friends...Best friends forever!”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“.« Nik has obviously spoken to Nat about my candy preferences.
Written in raspberry bullets is ‘I’m sorry’.
Written in green apple jellybeans is ‘I miss you’.
Written in cherry jellybeans is ‘I love you’.
My heart skips a beat at the last line.
Written in gummy bears is ‘Marry me’.
Did Nik just propose using candy?
Why, yes, brain. Yes, he did. »”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“You’re pussy whipped.”
I claim, “I can’t be pussy whipped. I haven’t even had the pussy to be whipped!”
Take that, Ghost! Oh wait…
He chuckles, “That’s even worse, bro.”
Fuck me, it totally is.
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet.”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“I don't need a perfect relationship. I just need someone who won't give up on me.”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“He says softly, "I don't just want you in my dreams, baby. Been wanting you a long while."
fiddle sticks
I whisper, "Niki."
He puts his lips close to mine and breathes deep, "You're all I think about." I feel the tingles start in my in my nose. A sure sign I'm going to bawl. "Stop."
But he just keeps coming with the sweet, "I thought I needed a woman like you. Turns out I just needed you."
My breath hitches. "Stop."
What he says next melts my frozen heart.
"You're it, Tina."
I no longer have doubts
My heart skips a beat and I whisper fiercely, "I want to kiss you. Real bad.”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

Thinking about Tina.
Thinking about Tina’s perfect ass.
Thinking about Tina panting under me in bed.
Going to the bathroom to jerk off.

I walk back into my office after finally getting some much needed relief.
Not hard anymore, are you?! Take that, penis!
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“I’d rather shit on my hands and clap.”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“And when I bake for someone, I give them a little part of myself. It's like giving someone a part of my hear every time."
I look up thoughtfully and shrug.
"I don't know if I like the idea of people buying pieces of me. They are mine to give away when I feel like it. And that makes them special.”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“Love binds people together, no matter how different they might be.”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“Never met anyone like her in my life. So giving with her heart. I’ll do anything to protect that heart. I want it to be mine to protect.”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“The whole point of love is to trust someone with your heart and pray they don't break it. It's about faith in each other. I gave you my heart when I told you I loved you which means I'm giving you power over me.”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“No! Put your damn hand on my boob!”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“Nat is already laughing. We go through this every morning. She tells Nik I own a clown car.
I glower at her while I put my foot up onto Nik’s lap and kick the passenger door while turning the ignition.
She starts.
Works every time.
Nik looks like he’s not sure whether to laugh or get the hell out of the car.
We’re on our way to work and Nat says, “Nik, turn on the radio.”
He shakes his head and replies cynically, “I would but I’m scared the roof might fly off.”
Nat and I burst into laughter. We laugh so much we both sob and laugh at the same time.”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“I step back and shout, "Can everyone shut the fuck up?"
My dad gasps and says, "Valentina, you no be rude you friends like that!"
I nod my head in agreement and try again, "Can everyone please shut the fuck up?" My dad nods his head in a that's better motion.”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“You and me, Tina. It’s gonna happen … Mark my words, baby.”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“But if we never did the scary things in life we’d lead awfully boring lives”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“Not hard anymore, are you?! Take that Penis!”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“You know shit just got serious when you refuse gooey caramel cupcakes which taste like heaven.”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“I love you, Tina. You’re my everything.”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“Trick looks at Nik and smirks, “What’s the fastest you’ve ever come?” Everyone bursts into laughter. Nik chuckles and says, “I think the first time I ever had sex I lasted about twenty seconds.” We’re all in hysterics. Nik interrupts our laughter with, “I’d like to let everyone know I’ve vastly improved since then!”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“So, over the course of the last year, I’ve seen Lola blossom from a delicate flower into a durable weed!”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

“So, everyone still on for Poker night?” I anxiously ask.

Max picks up on it, narrows his eyes at me and says, “Yeah, I think. Ghost wasn’t sure if he could make it. Might just be me, you, and Trick.”

I brighten a little too much and chime, “Oh, okay. We might have some extra players to fill in for him.”

Max questions, “And who would these extra players be?”

I try my best at being inconspicuous, “Tina. Nat, Mimi, and Lola.”

Max looks as me a full minute before he bursts into laughter. He straightens up and says, “You’re shittin’ me, right?”

I need to sweeten the deal.

I blurt, “Tina’s bringing two different types of cupcakes. She said she only ever makes them for special occasions so you know they’re gonna be good.”

Max’s brows lift, he strokes his chin and says, “Okay, I’m good with it. You know Trick will be good with it.” He smiles a cruel smile and rasps, “You’re telling Ghost.”

I’d rather shit in my hands and clap!”
― Belle Aurora, quote from Friend-Zoned

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