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“one of my favorites:

Robby gave her a skeptical look. "Ye're an angel of death. No offense, but I would call that a wee bit of harm."

"We're called Deliverers, actually. And we're not supposed to take someone before their time."

"How does that work?" Gregori lifted his camera, focusing on her. "I mean do you just go down a line, saying, 'Eenie meenie mynie moe, sorry, dude you gotta go'?”
― Kerrelyn Sparks, quote from Vampire Mine

“What are you waiting for?" shanna asked. "He's dying! Do it!"
Conner looked at Angus. "Ye do it. It was yer idea."
"Nay? Ye were the first to suggest it. Ye do it."
"I'm no' touching him." Conner said.
He nudged Phineas "Ye do it."
"I don't even know how!" Phineas poked at Robby. "You do it."
"Why me?" Robby turned to Angus. "Ye're the expert. Ye do it."
Angus grimaced. "I'm no' doing it. I hate the bugger."
"Stop it!" Shanna screamed "You- Forget it! I'll do it myself."
"Shanna you don't know how," Roman said.
"Gods blood. I guess I have to do it."
"You guess?" Shanna cried "Are you going to let him die?"
"He threatens to kill me every time he sees me.”
― Kerrelyn Sparks, quote from Vampire Mine

“This is Ian. He's no' usually speechless. Or so well dressed."
I shouldna wear my best clothes to meet an angel from heaven?"
"You look very nice, I love your shirt."
"Thank you"
"I have a shirt like that, too."
― Kerrelyn Sparks, quote from Vampire Mine

“I'm talking about doing something good for mankind. Imagine how awesome everyone would feel if they knew all that holy stuff was real." -Gregori
"Stuff? Four years of giving sermons, and that what I get back? Holy stuff?”
― Kerrelyn Sparks, quote from Vampire Mine

“She couldnt let that happen again. She would have to be strong. Fearless. Gird
herself with righteous armor.
She jumped when the door clicked shut. Oh great, that was real fearless of her.”
― Kerrelyn Sparks, quote from Vampire Mine

“She looked at Connor. “How old are you?”
His jaw shifted. “I doona discuss my private life.”
“I can translate that for you,” Phineas offered. “It means he’s embarrassed he was a caveman and ate brontosaurus burgers for lunch.”
Connor arched an eyebrow at him. “The correct translation is ‘sod off.’ ”
― Kerrelyn Sparks, quote from Vampire Mine

“Can we talk now?” she asked.
“Nay, we need to . . . load the dishwasher.” He padded into the kitchen and took his time rinsing everything in the sink before stacking it into the machine. He even scrubbed the pot he’d warmed the soup in.
When he closed the dishwasher, she was waiting there, holding a mop.
She offered it to him. “Do you want to clean the floors now? And sweep the porch? I think the antlers on the moose head need polishing.”
― Kerrelyn Sparks, quote from Vampire Mine

“After four hundred and ninety-nine years of existence, Connor Buchanan arrived at an inescapable conclusion regarding himself. He was a coldhearted old bastard.”
― Kerrelyn Sparks, quote from Vampire Mine

“You don’t believe in love?”
Connor grimaced as if he’d been poked with a spear. Oh, he believed in love all right. Love was a bitch.”
― Kerrelyn Sparks, quote from Vampire Mine

“The poor lass had been wounded and banished from heaven, threatened by a demon, and groped by a vampire, all in one night.”
― Kerrelyn Sparks, quote from Vampire Mine

“An evil vampire would not have such a black pit of pain and remorse hidden in his heart. He wouldn’t know the meaning of remorse.”
― Kerrelyn Sparks, quote from Vampire Mine

“She licked her lips. “What is that called?”
Sex. He stopped himself just in time. “Chocolate.”
― Kerrelyn Sparks, quote from Vampire Mine

“I asked if I could touch you and kiss you, and ye agreed. Have ye changed yer mind?”
“No.” Her heart thundered in her ears. “But ye’re moving so fast.”
“Sweetheart, I doona count time in millennia like you. I’d like to get started. In this century.”
― Kerrelyn Sparks, quote from Vampire Mine

“He let himself into the security office and scanned the wall of surveillance monitors. Parking lot clear. Corridors empty. Cafeteria empty. Heart empty.”
― Kerrelyn Sparks, quote from Vampire Mine

“Then maybe Roman will be able to forgive me.”
“I believe he will.” Father Andrew glanced at Connor. “Can you forgive yourself?”
― Kerrelyn Sparks, quote from Vampire Mine

“What did ye talk about with the ladies?"
"Lots of things," she replied " The Three step rule, oral sex-"
"Holy Christ Almighty" He pressed a hand to his brow. "They were supposed to teach you how to shampoo yer hair, no' give you instructions on oral sex!”
― Kerrelyn Sparks, quote from Vampire Mine

“She leaned over him to pull the waistband of his flannel pants down. His erection popped out, startling her.
"Oh!" She fell across his thighs. "Oh my. Good heavens."
He groaned and dragged his hands down his face.
"Ye needna stare at it in horror. It willna harm you."
"Its . . . really big."

He snorted. "It comes in peace.”
― Kerrelyn Sparks, quote from Vampire Mine

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