Quotes from Thirteen Days to Midnight

Patrick Carman ·  304 pages

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“Faith never stays put. It's always challenging always questioning. That's what makes it real.”
― Patrick Carman, quote from Thirteen Days to Midnight

“The Grim Reaper doesn't disappear... he catches up.”
― Patrick Carman, quote from Thirteen Days to Midnight

“I've stabbed two people with a fork today. What's wrong with me?”
― Patrick Carman, quote from Thirteen Days to Midnight

“Did I mention you're going to have to drive on our date?" I asked.
"Cheap bastard.”
― Patrick Carman, quote from Thirteen Days to Midnight

“I go to a Catholic school and I'm telling you: invisibility = eternal damnation. You can take it to the bank.”
― Patrick Carman, quote from Thirteen Days to Midnight

“Yeah, a lot more than he likes you," said Oh. It didn't look like Milo appreciated the joke very much.
"That's debatable," said Milo.
"Is not," said Oh.
She leaned in and put her pink cast against my cheek, kissing me quickly on the lips.
"That's incredibly unfair. If we were gay you'd be up a creek without a paddle. You wouldn't even be in the game."
"He's right, you know," I said.
"Aw. You guys are having a bromance. That's really cute.”
― Patrick Carman, quote from Thirteen Days to Midnight

“She was gorgeous and fearless and I was in awe.”
― Patrick Carman, quote from Thirteen Days to Midnight

“I killed a guy, maybe two. Possibly three.
I have one power. Not two or three or four. Just one.
I met a girl, and she changed everything.”
― Patrick Carman, quote from Thirteen Days to Midnight

You are indestructible .J
For some reason I felt light-headed when I finished writing and looked up at her, like I'd stood up too fast or the oxygen had left my brain. Oh pulled her arm back, looked thoughtfully at the words, and replied, "It's upside down, but I like it. You done good, Jacob.”
― Patrick Carman, quote from Thirteen Days to Midnight

“Let's assume for a moment that you, Oh, do not choose God. Does this prevent Him from choosing you? I conclude, from these many verses, that it does not. Either He saves everyone or He saves no one.”
― Patrick Carman, quote from Thirteen Days to Midnight

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Patrick Carman
Born place: in Salem, Oregon, The United States
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“Let us remind ourselves of the terminology. A theist believes in a supernatural intelligence who, in addition to his main work of creating the universe in the first place, is still around to oversee and influence the subsequent fate of his initial creation. In many theistic belief systems, the deity is intimately involved in human affairs. He answers prayers; forgives or punishes sins; intervenes in the world by performing miracles; frets about good and bad deeds, and knows when we do them (or even think about doing them). A deist, too, believes in a supernatural intelligence, but one whose activities were confined to setting up the laws that govern the universe in the first place. The deist God never intervenes thereafter, and certainly has no specific interest in human affairs. Pantheists don't believe in a supernatural God at all, but use the word God as a non-supernatural synonym for Nature, or for the Universe, or for the lawfulness that governs its workings. Deists differ from theists in that their God does not answer prayers, is not interested in sins or confessions, does not read our thoughts and does not intervene with capricious miracles. Deists differ from pantheists in that the deist God is some kind of cosmic intelligence, rather than the pantheist's metaphoric or poetic synonym for the laws of the universe. Pantheism is sexed-up atheism. Deism is watered-down theism.”
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“It might be lonelier
Without the Loneliness —
I'm so accustomed to my Fate —
Perhaps the Other — Peace —

Would interrupt the Dark —
And crowd the little Room —
Too scant — by Cubits — to contain
The Sacrament — of Him —

I am not used to Hope —
It might intrude upon —
Its sweet parade — blaspheme the place —
Ordained to Suffering —

It might be easier
To fail — with Land in Sight —
Than gain — My Blue Peninsula —
To perish — of Delight —

F535 (1863) J405”
― Emily Dickinson, quote from The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson

“Put the guns into our hands and we will use them. Give us the slogans and we will turn them into reality. Sing the battle hymns and we will take them up where you left off. Not one not ten not ten thousand not a million not ten millions not a hundred millions but a billion two billions of us all the people of the world we will have the slogans and we will have the hymns and we will have the guns and we will use them and we will live. Make no mistake of it we will live. We will be alive and we will walk and talk and eat and sing and laugh and feel and love and bear our children in tranquility and security in decency in peace. You plan the wars you masters of men plans the wars and point the way and we will point the gun.”
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“What am I supposed to call you?"

"Your Royal Husbandness. It's required by law, I'm afraid.”
― Kiera Cass, quote from The One

“If we try to resolve terrorism with military might and nothing else, then we will be no safer than we were before 9/11. If we truly want a legacy of peace for our children, we need to understand that this is a war that will ultimately be won with books, not with bombs.”
― Greg Mortenson, quote from Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace ... One School at a Time

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