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Ellen Hopkins ·  665 pages

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“Anger is a valid emotion. It's only bad when it takes control and makes you do things you don't want to do.”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout

“Forgiveness isn’t my best thing.
Easier staying pissed. But I’m
tired of being pissed all the time.
Tired of feeling hurt by stuff that
can never be fixed because it is
an indelible part of the past.”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout

“Falling in love with someone is the surest highway to hurt that I know. When the door to love opens, the window to control closes.”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout

“Puzzle pieces don't always connect do they?”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout

“This is unstoppable, no holds barred. This is beautiful. Crazy. A beginning. Betrayal. Addictive. Aggressive. Alive. This is something to be afraid of.”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout

“Why doesn't love come with an owner's manual?”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout


Like how I feel
right now. Love
is strange. One
minute you’re
jungle fever.
The next
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout

“It's just so hard to feel good, you know?" I do know. And more than that, it's just so incredibly hard to feel. (54)”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout

“Love is like that. I could crush her beneath the weight of confession.”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout

“Innocence eroded into nightmare.
All because of very bad touch.
Love, corrupted.”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout

“My body
Healed quickly. But the wound
to my psyche was deep.
Wide. First aid, too little, too late,
left me hemorrhaging inside,
the blood unstaunched by psychological
bandage or love's healing magic.

Eventually it scabbed over,
a thick, ugly welt of memory.
I work to conceal it, but no matter
how hard I try, once in a while
something makes me pick at it
until the scarring bleeds.

In my arms, Ashante cries,
innocence ripped apart
by circumstance. Bloodied by
inhuman will. Time will prove
a tourniquet. But she will always
be at risk of infection. (124)”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout

“I've Got A Little Problem
And I'm not really sure how to fix it.
Not really sure I need to. Not really sure I could.
Life is pretty good. But once in a while, uninvited and uninitiated anger invades me.
It starts, a tiny gnaw at the back of my brain. Like a migraine except without pain. They say headaches blossom, but this isn't so much a blooming as a bleeding. Irritation bleeds into rage, seethes into fury. An ulcer, emptying hatred inside me. And I don't know why. Life is pretty good.
So, what the hell?”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout

“The only thing about myself I know for sure is that I don't know anything.”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout

“Certain of misfire, my heart threatens to stop.”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout


...in the closet
...to break out
...but afraid of
...the fallout”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout

“Always before, I just said no, left it solidly there. I waver now. I want to share everything with him. Want to know what he knows, feel what he feels, share the same space he's in.”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout

“So You Want to Know

All about her. Who
really is. (Was?) Why
she swerved off the
high road. Hard
to nowhere,
recklessly indifferent to
Hunter Seth Haskins,
her firstborn
son. I've been
that down for
nineteen years.
Why did she go
her mindless way,
leaving me spinning
in a whirlwind of
her dust?”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout

“I need to capture my sprite with trembling hands. Except I could crush her. Wonder how many small things of beauty - flowers, seashells, dragonflies - have met such a demise. Wonder how much fragile love has collapsed beneath the weight of confession.”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout

“...Things happened
when you were little. Things you
don't remember now, and don't want
to. But they need to escape,

need to worm their way out
of that dark place in your brain
where you keep them stashed.”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout

“...I think the more
she has failed at things like relationships
and parenting, the more she has cut

herself off from feeling bad about those
things. And if you don't let yourself feel
bad, sooner or later you stop feeling

good, too. You insulate yourself. Build
up layers, like stacking paper, everything
growing heavier. And when the weight

becomes too much, those layers compress.
Become hard. Sad, really, to think that
Kristina has turned herself into cardboard.”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout

“The portal to pain is caring too deeply about anyone.”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout

“Love is strange. One minute you're jungle fever. The next you're Arctic winter.”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout

“No matter how much things change,
others never will.”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout

“I might have been your zygote. Your fetus. Maybe even your off-spring. But I have never been your son. You have no idea what it means to be a real mother. You think nine months of discomfort and eight hours of labor gives you the right to call yourself 'Mom'? Well, bitch, you're delusional.”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout

“Aunt Cora says it's my aura. "I see them, you know. Yours is dark. Sort of like black coffee, although it fluctuates. Sometimes there are little flecks of gold. If you could make those coalesce, turn your aura more toffee than coffee, things would be different.”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout

“They say, when facing the onslaught of tooth and claw, a creature's heart can simply quit.”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout

“No, Home is somewhere else,
I don't know if it's a place
I've already been, or one
I've yet to find. But I'm pretty
sure the answer is tangled up
in Where I Came From.”
― Ellen Hopkins, quote from Fallout


About the author

Ellen Hopkins
Born place: in Long Beach, CA. , The United States
Born date March 26, 1955
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