Quotes from The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm

Nancy Farmer ·  311 pages

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“That was the best kind of story: when the teller was as much under its spell as the listener.”
― Nancy Farmer, quote from The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm

“She took to reading with a fervor so extreme, Baba Joseph had to take the books from her hands by force. 'Your eyes are not tractors. They are not meant to pull heavy loads,' he said sternly.”
― Nancy Farmer, quote from The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm

“Knowledge is a house that must be built from the ground up. We know how to make the roof. The information is useless if we don't understand the foundations on which it is to be placed.”
― Nancy Farmer, quote from The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm

“I am one for whom dangers are play-
One who empties men of their
strength as a nut from its shell
The charms you use I chop up for
relish on my porridge
Beware! I am a deadly mamba
Wrestler of legends
A hive of hornets
A man among men”
― Nancy Farmer, quote from The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm

“If you squat on a path, you'll get boils on your backside.”
― Nancy Farmer, quote from The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm

“Tendai remembered his last birthday. It seemed one shouldn't make wishes idly. Who knew which spirits were listening. He considered a moment and then thought, I wish for courage. Because with courage, you weren't afraid to look at the truth. You weren't afraid to ask questions or do the right thing.”
― Nancy Farmer, quote from The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm

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Nancy Farmer
Born place: in Phoenix, Arizona, The United States
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“Forks are absurd, he scoffed. They insult your food. They make it think you're killing it twice.”
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“We are all very anxious to be understood, and it is very hard not to be. But there is one thing much more necessary.'
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“What are you so angry about?" my mother had asked me the last time I had gone home to visit.

Why aren't you more angry, I had wanted to ask her. But I couldn't talk to my mother that way. She understood that I did not want to live her life, to work as a waitress, until my toes curled in and my feet hurt all the time, to marry a man who would beat my children and treat me as if I had no right to object to object to anything he chose to do. She didn't want that life for me either. She wanted me happy and successful, to live unafraid among people who loved me, and to do things she had never been able to do and tell her all about them.

So I told her, about the shelter, the magazine, readings and discussion groups. I told her about trying to write stories, though I hesitated to send send her all that I wrote. And there were far too many times when I would sit down to write my mama and stare at the paper unable to puzzle out how to explain how urgent and unimportant it was to change how women's lives were shaped. Not only that we should be paid equal money for equally difficult work, but that we should genuinely begin to think about what word we might choose to undertake, how we might live our daily lives. Why should I have to marry at all? Or explain myself if I chose to love a woman? Why could I not spend my hours writing stories instead of raising children or keeping house or working some deadly boring job just to cover the rent of an apartments where I was not safe anyway.”
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