9+ quotes from Roadkill by Rob Thurman

Quotes from Roadkill

Rob Thurman ·  352 pages

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“Why is it always the world? Why is it never just half a block? Or Jersey? You know, something we could live without?”
― Rob Thurman, quote from Roadkill

“People--stupid when they lived; potentially stupid when they died.”
― Rob Thurman, quote from Roadkill

“Niko caught my hand and slapped it lightly down on the bar. “Pistol whipping elderly women isn’t precisely our mission statement, Cal.”
I hadn’t been going to pistol-whip her. Yell at her a little more, then pick her up and toss her out into the street. Some risk of a broken hip there, but that wasn’t pistol-whipping… unless she tried to come back in.”
― Rob Thurman, quote from Roadkill

“It is now. It is always now. Now is good. Now could be the best. My name is Catcher. My name was Catcher.
My name...my name...
I am...
I am lost, I am found and then I am free and I am happy.
When I jump over that edge, someone leaps with me, shoulder to shoulder. I smell kinship on him. Kinship is all. I'm not alone.
Never alone.
I land, earth below me, moon above. I am wolf. We are pack.
And that is all I need.”
― Rob Thurman, quote from Roadkill

“Hope for the best; prepare for the worst.”
― Rob Thurman, quote from Roadkill

“I've always enjoyed a challenge," Niko remarked, shifting through the powder to lift something out. "I think perhaps there are other things I could enjoy instead. Bonsai trees, painting, forging my own weapons. The opportunities are endless." He opened his hand to show me the small braid of several yellowed hairs. "Voodoo." "Think it would work?" I perked up. Killing from a distance wasn't usually my thing, but in this case, I'd make an exception.”
― Rob Thurman, quote from Roadkill

“Niko was a man of few words and flying, sugary snacks. I like that in a human. ~Catcher”
― Rob Thurman, quote from Roadkill

“Pick up your clothes. I am not your maid. How do I know this? A maid cannot kill you with a tube sock. I can.”
― Rob Thurman, quote from Roadkill

“office by now. It still didn’t take long to find him, though. You could only go so far when you were nothing but a torso and arms. He’d pulled his upper half into a patch of blackness, but I could still smell that”
― Rob Thurman, quote from Roadkill

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