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6+ quotes from Fading Away by Dannielle Wicks

Quotes from Fading Away

Dannielle Wicks ·  280 pages

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“Please don’t forget me, don’t let me fade away… I was here, I lived, and I loved…”
― Dannielle Wicks, quote from Fading Away

“She looks so broken, I don't want to hurt her more.”
― Dannielle Wicks, quote from Fading Away

“He runs his hands up my back and into my hair, pulling me closer. I lose myself in the feel of his body against mine and the way his soft lips coax mine to life. Almost without thinking, I wrap my arms around his warm waist.”
― Dannielle Wicks, quote from Fading Away

“He bites his lip and slides closer along the bed. Reaching out slowly, he carefully pulls the hair band from my hair, releasing it from my ponytail, then he gently runs his fingers through the soft strands before suddenly snatching his hand away and looking down at the floor beneath his feet.”
― Dannielle Wicks, quote from Fading Away

“I freeze when I come face to face with a naked man’s chest. Why does this keep happening to me? Trying to keep my eyes averted from his very naked lower regions, I look up.”
― Dannielle Wicks, quote from Fading Away

“She slowly stands up, grabbing her bag on the way out the door. She turns back at the last minute, silhouetted in the fading light from outside the doorway.
I drag myself off the floor. The way she said my name, waiting for me to follow. I know now I would do anything to stay with her.”
― Dannielle Wicks, quote from Fading Away

About the author

Dannielle Wicks
Born place: in Brisbane, Australia
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