11+ quotes from Entice by Ella Frank

Quotes from Entice

Ella Frank ·  414 pages

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“I'm falling for you so hard that I can feel the scrapes on my knees as I'm brought to them. I understand you are scared because I'm absolutely terrified, but I'm not going to hurt you or kick you when you're down.”
― Ella Frank, quote from Entice

“He set me on fire just by breathing.”
― Ella Frank, quote from Entice

“Josh: "Are there any rules to this deal I should know about?"
Shel: "Don't make me want to keep you."
Josh: "Well then, don't make me want to be kept.”
― Ella Frank, quote from Entice

“Josh: "Are you really going to sit there and pretend that I don't exist?"
Shel: "I'm not pretending you don't exist. In fact, I am very aware you are right there. I am pointedly ignoring you.”
― Ella Frank, quote from Entice

“Shel: "I'm finding it really hard to fight wanting you, Josh."
Josh: "Well, that's nice to hear, because I stopped fighting a while ago.”
― Ella Frank, quote from Entice

“Josh: "Mutley, my dog."
Shel: "I am not getting in the car with that."
Josh: "Yes, you are."
Shel: "No, I'm not. He's huge."
Josh: "He's harmless."
Shel: "Like his owner?"
Josh: "Oh, no, he's harmless. I'm not.”
― Ella Frank, quote from Entice

“You have a body that’s made to pound a woman into her bed. So, I’m really hoping you can live up to that.”
― Ella Frank, quote from Entice

is the imitation of what I want.
Unfortunately, the original is not
― Ella Frank, quote from Entice

“Dreams are funny things. They shift and morph the more you grow.”
― Ella Frank, quote from Entice

“Take a chance, Shel. I’m not going to hurt you, use you, or take any part of you for granted.”
― Ella Frank, quote from Entice

“It’s stripping you bare, and I’m falling for you so hard that I can feel the scrapes on my knees as I’m brought to them. I understand you’re scared because I’m absolutely terrified, but I’m not going to hurt you or kick you when you’re down.”
― Ella Frank, quote from Entice

About the author

Ella Frank
Born place: in Canberra, Australia
Born date May 24, 1982
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