9+ quotes from Forever Amber by Kathleen Winsor

Quotes from Forever Amber

Kathleen Winsor ·  972 pages

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“If you had better sense you’d have learned by now that nothing thrives so well as wickedness”
― Kathleen Winsor, quote from Forever Amber

“They had stopped now and he gave a glance up at the sky, through the trees, as though to see how much time was left. Amber, watching him, was suddenly struck with panic. Now he was going--out again into that great world with its bustle and noise and excitement--and she must stay here. She had a terrible new feeling of loneliness, as if she stood in some solitary corner at a party where she was the only stranger. Those places he had seen, she would never see; those fine things he had done, she would never do. But worst of all she would never see him again.”
― Kathleen Winsor, quote from Forever Amber

“Death was democratic. It made no choice between the rich and the poor, the beautiful and the ugly, the young and the old.”
― Kathleen Winsor, quote from Forever Amber

“Edward Progers was his Majesty’s Page of the Backstairs. He handled private money transactions, secret correspondence, and served in an ex-officio capacity as the King’s pimp. It was a position of no mean prestige, and of considerable activity.”
― Kathleen Winsor, quote from Forever Amber

“Her honey-coloured hair fell in heavy wavesbelow her shoulders and as she stared up at him her eyes, clear, speckled amber, seemed to tilt at the corners; her brows were black and swept up in arcs, and she had thick black lashesh. There was about her a kind of warm luxuriance, something immediately suggestive to the men of pleasurable fulfillment- something for which she was not responsible but of which she was acutely conscious.”
― Kathleen Winsor, quote from Forever Amber

“Now she looked as though he had trapped her. “Mon Dieu! What a question! What would you say if someone asked you, ‘Are you happy?’ I suppose I’m as happy as most people. No one is ever truly happy, do you think? If you get even half of what you want from life—” She gave a little shrug and gestured with one hand. “Why, that’s all one can hope for, isn’t it?” “And”
― Kathleen Winsor, quote from Forever Amber

“I think I'll name her Amber - for the colour of her father's eyes.”
― Kathleen Winsor, quote from Forever Amber

“She had never seen anyone like him before in her life. The clothes he wore, the sound of his voice, the expression in his eys, all made her feel that she had had z moomentary glimpse into another world - and she longed passionately to see it again, if only for a brief while.”
― Kathleen Winsor, quote from Forever Amber

“once described fiction as a monumental lie that has to have the absolute ring of truth if it is to succeed. And that ring of truth invariably comes from research, which in turn gives a novel its authenticity. It is this kind of authenticity plus good storytelling that made Forever Amber a bestseller 56 years ago. Now”
― Kathleen Winsor, quote from Forever Amber

About the author

Kathleen Winsor
Born place: in Olivia, Minnesota, The United States
Born date October 16, 1919
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