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7+ quotes from Double Down by Jeff Kinney

Quotes from Double Down

Jeff Kinney ·  217 pages

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“Whenever you go with the cheaper option, you end up regretting it”
― Jeff Kinney, quote from Double Down

“OCTOBER Wednesday My parents are always saying the world doesn’t revolve around me, but sometimes I wonder if it actually DOES. When I was a little kid, I saw this movie about a man whose whole life is secretly being filmed for a TV show. This guy is famous all over the world, and he doesn’t KNOW it. Well, ever since I saw that movie, I’ve kind of figured the same thing is probably happening to ME. HOPE YOU CREEPS ARE ENJOYING YOURSELVES!”
― Jeff Kinney, quote from Double Down

“it turns the shower scene was a lot harder to film than i expected”
― Jeff Kinney, quote from Double Down

“...the brain is like a muscle, and if you don't exercise it by reading and doing creative stuff, it'll get weak and mushy.”
― Jeff Kinney, quote from Double Down

“step step step no no no plop plop plop in i go”
― Jeff Kinney, quote from Double Down

“The man looks outside. The house is totally surrounded by night crawlers.”
― Jeff Kinney, quote from Double Down

“with their mouth open they’ll eat an average of five spiders a night, which is kind of believable if you think about it. Another time Rodrick told me that it’s dangerous to wake someone up when they’re sleepwalking. I thought there could be a chance he was actually telling the truth, because I’m pretty sure I heard that one somewhere else. ZZZZZ”
― Jeff Kinney, quote from Double Down

About the author

Jeff Kinney
Born place: in Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, The United States
Born date February 19, 2018
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