Quotes from Chain Reaction

Simone Elkeles ·  319 pages

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“Marry me, Kiara,” he blurts out in front of everyone.
“Why?” she asks, challenging him.
“Because I love you,” he says, walking up to her and bending down on one knee while he takes her hand in his, “and I want to go to sleep with you every night and wake up seein’ your face every mornin’, I want you to be the mother of my children, I want to fix cars with you and eat your crappy tofu tacos that you think are Mexican. I want to climb mountains with you and be challenged by you, I want to argue with you just so we can have crazy hot makeup sex. Marry me, because without you I’d be six feet under … and because I love your family like they’re my own … and because you’re my best friend and I want to grow old with you.” He starts tearing up, and it’s shocking because I’ve never seen him cry. “Marry me, Kiara Westford, because when I got shot the only thing I was thinkin’ about was comin’ back here and makin’ you my wife. Say yes, chica.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“Nobody really knows her
Except the chosen few
Her secrets are kept hidden
Behind that sun-kissed hue.

If I reach out to touch her
She’ll just run away
My Forever and Always
Will have to wait another day.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“We deserve each other, Luis … and I need you just as much as you need me. Hold me.”
He steps closer, but hesitates.
“If I do, mi chava, I can’t promise I’ll be able to let you go.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“Love. Is it just a word that boys use to manipulate girls?”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“You make me believe in the impossible.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“- I don't want you to love me.
- Too late, mi chava.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“As If I could just turn my feelings off like a faucet.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“Alex and Carlos—the tag team from hell. They’re the last people I need shit from right now. If they decide to trail me, too, I’ll have an entire entourage.
“I’m fine.”
“Then sit up and talk to us.”
“Okay, in that case I’m not fine. Go away.” I moan. “Unless you want me to puke all over you.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“I love you because you’re the only person I want to make love to without any conditions and—and I love that you need me.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“You shouldn't love me. I don't deserve you.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“Why are you making a joke out of this?" she asks.
"Because it's stupid, Nik. There's not even room in my day to think about someone else.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“I want to hold you, Nikki. Will you let me?”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“Nothin'," Alex says. "We'll talk later, chica. It's not a big deal."

"Don't chica me, Alex," his bride snaps.

"I think she's gonna deck him," Ben murmurs, amused.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“He has no clue that I have the patience of a saint. At least that's what Carlos says, although that isn't saying much, considering his fuse is about as short as an eyelash.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“I won't have sex with you," she blurts out.

He words slam into my libido like a bucket of water on a flame full of testosterone. I think my dick just twitched in protest.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“I didn't like seeing you with him" he says. "I don't think I'd like seeing you with any other guy....beside me.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“There’s always time for arguin’ when you’re a Fuentes.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“We need to look back sometimes and realize the past taught us to appreciate our future.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“You make me believe in love, which I'd give up on. Thank you for proving to me it's not just a fairy tale.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“Sometimes things are better off forgotten.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“The percentage of couples who stay together after high school is, like, less than five percent, you guys.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“What are you boys doing?” she asks, as if we’re still little kids messing around.
“Arguin’,” Carlos says matter-of-factly.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“She ignores me, so I cup my hands over my mouth and do something I haven’t done in years— barnyard sounds.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“Ben walks in the room and asks, “What were you guys doing?” Nikki says “Nothing” at the same time I say, “Your sister and I were just makin’ out.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“So what if we have chemistry. Chemistry doesn't miraculously turn bad boys into good ones.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“Sometimes I think Ben is right, that the fantasy world is better because reality sucks...but then I look at Nikki and I believe that we can beat the odds.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“Three things Marco taught me today race through my mind: boys will lie to your face just to have sex with you, don’t trust any boy who says I love you, and never date a boy who lives on the south side of Fairfield.”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“Snakes don't have fuckin' legs, so how was I supposed to think there'd be one hidin' in the face of a damn rock that's ten feet below the summit?”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

“Doesn't the thought of marryin' me give you an adrenaline rush?”
― Simone Elkeles, quote from Chain Reaction

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