5+ quotes from Bath Tangle by Georgette Heyer

Quotes from Bath Tangle

Georgette Heyer ·  320 pages

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“I liked that young man, did not you? There was something particularly pleasing about his manners, which I thought very easy and frank. He has an air of honest manliness, too, which, in these days of fribbles and counter-coxcombs, I own I find refreshing!”
― Georgette Heyer, quote from Bath Tangle

“Are you well? You look a trifle peaked.'
'If I do, it is because black doesn't become me. I mean to lighten my mourning, and have ordered a charming gray gown.'
'You are mistaken.'
'What, in going into half-mourning?'
'No, in thinking black does not become you.”
― Georgette Heyer, quote from Bath Tangle

“My goddess! My queen!'
'Oh, no, no, no!'
He raised his head, smiling a little crookedly down at her. 'Do you dislike to hear yourself called so? There is nothing I would not do to please you, but you cannot help but be my goddess! You have been so these seven years!'
'Only a goddess could dislike it! You see by that how wretchedly short of the mark I fall. I have a little honesty - enough to tell you *now* that you must not worship me.'
He only laughed, and kissed her again. She protested no more, too much a woman not to be deeply moved by such idolatry, and awed by the constancy which, though it might have been to a false image, could not be doubted.”
― Georgette Heyer, quote from Bath Tangle

“I wish to God I might induce her to mind me!' he ejaculated.”
― Georgette Heyer, quote from Bath Tangle

“Lady Theresa prophesied disaster for all concerned, and hoped that when Serena was dying an old maid she would remember these words, and be sorry. Meanwhile she remained her affectionate aunt.”
― Georgette Heyer, quote from Bath Tangle

About the author

Georgette Heyer
Born place: in The United Kingdom
Born date August 16, 1902
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