5+ quotes from Zombies Don't Cry by Rusty Fischer

Quotes from Zombies Don't Cry

Rusty Fischer ·  371 pages

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“You know, surprisingly, they don't sell a lot of brains in the local 24-hour grocery store around the corner from my house.”
― Rusty Fischer, quote from Zombies Don't Cry

“I look at her and ask, flat out, "What's up?" Girl talk, of course, for, Back off my man, biotch.”
― Rusty Fischer, quote from Zombies Don't Cry

“The website didn't say how much brains--or even how many--I should eat, only that I should eat them in 48 hours OR ELSE. Why doesn't anyone pay attention to details anymore? Would it be so hard to add a simple line like, BTW, Maddy, 3 pounds of brains per week is plenty?
Seriously, am I the first new zombie ever to ask?”
― Rusty Fischer, quote from Zombies Don't Cry

“What is this?" I ask, trying to sound brave and flip, and I'm sure, merely coming off as too loud and annoying. "Strip grocery shopping? If it is, I have to tell you I've got on 16 pairs of underwear, so you're going to lose big-time--”
― Rusty Fischer, quote from Zombies Don't Cry

“Stamp: "Fine Maddy, Whatever. Take your little punk loser to the dance. I don't need you, Maddy. I can ask two dozen, three dozen chicks right now to go with me." Maddy: "Well then," I guess you better start stocking up on corsages.”
― Rusty Fischer, quote from Zombies Don't Cry

About the author

Rusty Fischer
Born place: in Cape Canaveral, The United States
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