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Quotes from The Warlord of Mars

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“Imagine, if you can, a huge grizzly with ten legs armed with mighty talons and an enormous froglike mouth splitting his head from ear to ear, exposing three rows of long, white tusks. Then endow this creature of your imagination with the agility and ferocity of a half-starved Bengal tiger and the strength of a span of bulls, and you will have some faint conception of Woola in action.”
― Edgar Rice Burroughs, quote from The Warlord of Mars

“It is strange how new and unexpected conditions bring out unguessed ability to meet them.”
― Edgar Rice Burroughs, quote from The Warlord of Mars

“I should at least die as I had lived—fighting.”
― Edgar Rice Burroughs, quote from The Warlord of Mars

“the countless unnamed jewels of Mars,”
― Edgar Rice Burroughs, quote from The Warlord of Mars

“As a matter of fact I presume I gave little attention to seeking an excuse, for I love a good fight too well to need any other reason for joining in when one is afoot. So”
― Edgar Rice Burroughs, quote from The Warlord of Mars

“could have cried aloud in exultation when my scrutiny disclosed the almost invisible incrustation of particles of carbonized electrons which are thrown off by these Martian torches. It”
― Edgar Rice Burroughs, quote from The Warlord of Mars

“There was no means by which I might know, and so I chose the center opening as being as likely to lead me in the right direction as another. Here”
― Edgar Rice Burroughs, quote from The Warlord of Mars

“As much as I enjoy a fight, I cannot always indulge myself, and just now I had more weighty matters to occupy my time than spilling the blood of strange warriors.”
― Edgar Rice Burroughs, quote from The Warlord of Mars

“If I sometimes seem to take too great pride in my fighting ability, it must be remembered that fighting is my vocation.”
― Edgar Rice Burroughs, quote from The Warlord of Mars

“If your vocation be shoeing horses, or painting pictures, and you can do one or the other better than your fellows, then you are a fool if you are not proud of your ability. And so I am very proud that upon two planets no greater fighter has ever lived than John Carter, Prince of Helium.”
― Edgar Rice Burroughs, quote from The Warlord of Mars

“Lives there upon any world such another as John Carter, Prince of Helium? Lives there another man who could fight his way back and forth across a warlike planet, facing savage beasts and hordes of savage men, for the love of a woman?”
― Edgar Rice Burroughs, quote from The Warlord of Mars

“I am a fighting man, not a scientist. Here,”
― Edgar Rice Burroughs, quote from The Warlord of Mars

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Edgar Rice Burroughs
Born place: in Chicago, Illinois, The United States
Born date September 1, 1875
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