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9+ quotes from Consent to Kill by Vince Flynn

Quotes from Consent to Kill

Vince Flynn ·  675 pages

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“People who think God is on their side are capable of the most inhumane acts. (Petrov)”
― Vince Flynn, quote from Consent to Kill

“Underestimating one's enemy was a classic tactical mistake --- one that was usually born out of stupidity or arrogance or both. (Harry Smith)”
― Vince Flynn, quote from Consent to Kill

“Underestimating one's enemy was a classic tactical mistake --- one that was usually born out of stupidity or arrogance or both. (Mitch Rapp)”
― Vince Flynn, quote from Consent to Kill

“I don't need men like Ross on my side. I just need them to get out of my way. (Mitch Rapp)”
― Vince Flynn, quote from Consent to Kill

“Abel came to the sad conclusion that he was watching a once-great civilization slide toward the abyss. The masses wanted the state to provide for them in every way, and the politicians who promised the most largesse were the ones who were elected. They in turn gave the people what they wanted, which then placed an ever-increasing burden on the most productive members of society.”
― Vince Flynn, quote from Consent to Kill

“divided Europe. Abel looked back on it all and wondered where he had made his mistake. Was it when he agreed to take the job from Saeed? Was it when he pushed the assassins and threatened to hunt them down? At the time, it seemed like his only option, but looking back on it now, it had been a foolish and emotionally inspired move. He had no idea who they were, and they knew far too much about him. It was clear now what they had decided. He had threatened”
― Vince Flynn, quote from Consent to Kill

“The hugely uneven distribution of wealth itself was forcing the country toward a boiling point. Add”
― Vince Flynn, quote from Consent to Kill

“The Saudis think that God is on their side, and people who think God is on their side are capable of the most inhumane acts.”
― Vince Flynn, quote from Consent to Kill

“wife’s death. “I know what you are thinking, my prince, but I do not see how Rapp could have left America and put this together so quickly. Who would he find to be a suicide bomber?” “Maybe he blew himself up?” Rashid asked in a hopeful tone. Tayyib thought about that for a moment and then announced, “I have studied Rapp. The man would never commit suicide unless he had to. He would have simply shot Saeed.” “Then tell me why a fellow Muslim would want to kill Saeed?” “Maybe it wasn’t a Muslim.” Rashid frowned. “There is no such thing as a non-Muslim suicide bomber. Do you see any Jewish suicide bombers? Even the Irish during their war with the British never resorted to suicide bombings. The Japanese are the only other culture to employ the tactic in modern history, and I doubt the Japanese killed Saeed.” “I’ll grant that the timing looks bad, but I”
― Vince Flynn, quote from Consent to Kill


About the author

Vince Flynn
Born place: in St. Paul, Minnesota, The United States
Born date April 6, 1966
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