Quotes from Wake

Amanda Hocking ·  309 pages

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“You really do hate me, don't you? I mean, destroying someone's ice-cream cone? That's vicious."
Her cheeks reddened. "I didn't see you there. Honestly." She wiped at his shirt more frantically, as if she could prevent it from staining if she rubbed hard enough.
"Oh, now I see your plan, and it's far more devious than I thought." Daniel smirked. "You were looking for an excuse to grope me.”
― Amanda Hocking, quote from Wake

“I could win you a goldfish."

"I don't think that's be fair to the goldfish," Gemma said. "I've had about a dozen of them, and they all seem to die within days of me getting them."

"Oh, yeah." Alex smiled crookedly. "I remember you making your dad bury them out in the backyard."

"They were my pets, and they deserved a proper burial."

"I better be careful around you." Alex stepped back from her cautiously, giving her a wide berth. "You're a goldfish mass murderer. I don't know what you're capable of."

"Stop!" Gemma laughed. "I didn't kill them on purpose! I was little. I think I overfed them. Out of love, though."

"That's even scarier," he teased. "Do you plan to kill me with kindness?"

"Maybe." She narrowed her eyes at him and tried to look menacing, making him laugh.”
― Amanda Hocking, quote from Wake

“I guess what I'm trying to say is that you can't live somebody else's life for them. They have to make their own choices, and sometimes all we can do is learn to live with them.”
― Amanda Hocking, quote from Wake

“So we know she's safe and taken care of?" Daniel asked, and she nodded. "Good. Then why don't we do something that you want to do?"

"Like what?"

"I don't know. What do you like to do?"

"Um...." Her stomach rumbled, since crying always made her hungry. "I like eating breakfast."

"That's so weird." Daniel grinned. "Because I like making French toast."

"That works out, doesn't it?”
― Amanda Hocking, quote from Wake

“Every man would fall in love with their voice, their lovely appearance, but no man would ever get past that. They'd never really know the girls for who they actually were, never really love them. It would be impossible for any of the four girls to ever really fall in love and be genuinely loved in return.”
― Amanda Hocking, quote from Wake

“Por los libros que eligen puedes conocer a las personas.”
― Amanda Hocking, quote from Wake

“Sirens are real, mermaids are not.”
― Amanda Hocking, quote from Wake

“...a life without any mistakes? That doesn't sound like any fun at all" -Daniel”
― Amanda Hocking, quote from Wake

“Nadar allí, bajo las estrellas, era como si el agua no tuviese fin.”
― Amanda Hocking, quote from Wake

“—Prométeme que siempre recordarás este momento —le susurró Gemma.

—¿Qué? —preguntó Álex, confundido.

—Que siempre te acordarás de mí, tal como soy ahora. De la Gemma real.

—¿Cómo podría olvidarte?”
― Amanda Hocking, quote from Wake

“No puedes proteger a las personas de sí mismas”
― Amanda Hocking, quote from Wake

“Sé lo difícil que es ver a personas que amamos hacer cosas que pueden dañarlas. Pero no es culpa tuya”
― Amanda Hocking, quote from Wake

“Creo que eres la única persona que me ve tal como soy”
― Amanda Hocking, quote from Wake

“-Álex, no puedo hacer esto.
-¿Qué? -preguntó Álex-.¿Qué es lo que no puedes hacer?
-Decirte adiós. -Gemma se tragó las lágrimas y trató de ignorar el dolor de su corazón.
-Entonces no lo hagas. -dijo él-.”
― Amanda Hocking, quote from Wake

“Harper decidió odiarlo un poquito menos. Pero sólo un poquito.”
― Amanda Hocking, quote from Wake


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