Quotes from Wolf Island

Darren Shan ·  351 pages

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“Maybe you're going insane."
"Maybe," agreed Kernel.
"I was joking."
"I wasn't.”
― Darren Shan, quote from Wolf Island

“There's something different about you," he says.
"I've started styling my hair differently," I laugh.
"Oh. I thought it was that you were three feet taller, a hell of a lot broader, look like a werewolf, and are naked expect for that bit of cloth around your waist. But you're right - it's the hair.”
― Darren Shan, quote from Wolf Island

“Because we live in a world under siege,” I say. “Life sucks for mages and magicians- you taught me that. Bad things happen to those of us who get involved, but if we didn't fight, we'd be in an even worse state. None of it it’s your fault, any more than it’s the fault of the moon or the stars.”
Dervish nods slowly, then arches an eyebrow “The moon or the stars?
“I always get poetic when I'm dealing with self-pitying simpletons.”
― Darren Shan, quote from Wolf Island

“It's a bit like the feeling I get when I'm standing on a cliff or high building, looking down at a suicidal drop. I start thinking about what would happen if I stepped off, the rush of the fall, the shattering collision, the quiet emptiness of death. Part of me wants to experience the thrill of complete surrender...”
― Darren Shan, quote from Wolf Island

“Wi-Fi is a blessing from the gods.”
― Darren Shan, quote from Wolf Island

“Look at me!" I roar. "Do you think you'll be the first I've killed today? I wasn't a murderer, but you changed me. I'm a monster now. And I'm hungry."
"Meera!" Anotoine whines. "Prae! Please, I beg you. You're civilised people. Help me!"
"We can't," Prae says coldly. "Even if we wanted to - and personally I have no problem with him gutting you - we couldn't. He's not ours to control. He's one of your specimens. You helped create him - now you have to deal with him”
― Darren Shan, quote from Wolf Island

“If mankind's destined to bite the bullet, let's bite it and be damned.”
― Darren Shan, quote from Wolf Island

“Alive is better than dead. Always.”
― Darren Shan, quote from Wolf Island

“We laugh. Bec stares at us uncertainly, then joins in. She sounds a bit like Bill-E when she laughs, and for a few happy moments it's as if me, my brother and uncle are together again, relaxing in Dervish's study, sharing a joke, not a care in the world.”
― Darren Shan, quote from Wolf Island

“You know your problem?” I snap at Shark. “You use too many metaphors. Ants, fish, and rabbits, all in the same breath. That’s an abuse of the language.” Shark smiles. “I never”
― Darren Shan, quote from Wolf Island

“Life would be much simpler if I abandoned my humanity and ran wild with them, gave myself over to animalistic pleasures, free of the burdens of duty and responsibility.”
― Darren Shan, quote from Wolf Island

“Juni only laughs with mad delight at the threat, then waves mockingly. “Run, run as fast as you can, but I’ll catch you, little ginger-haired man.”
― Darren Shan, quote from Wolf Island

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