9+ quotes from What My Mother Doesn't Know by Sonya Sones

Quotes from What My Mother Doesn't Know

Sonya Sones ·  261 pages

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“Culture Clash

Dylan says
when I meet his mother today
I shouldn't mention
that I'm Jewish.

I say
okay, but can I
tell her about
the HIV postive thing?

He gives me a look.
I give him one back”
― Sonya Sones, quote from What My Mother Doesn't Know

“We've turned off all the lights
in the living room
to make hand shadows.

We've got this
big flashlight
aimed at the wall.

I make the silhouette of my hand
into a duck.
Robin makes his into a rabbit.

Now my duck kisses his rabbit
And-POOF!- it turns into
a turkey.

And for some reason
this strikes us
as hysterically funny.

But you probably had to be there.”
― Sonya Sones, quote from What My Mother Doesn't Know

“I wish he hadn't gone and cut his hair.
He looks about eight years old.
His ears have tripled in size.
Everyone's started calling him Dumbo.
Which wouldn't be so bad,
except they've started calling me
Mrs. Dumbo.

You can't even tell
he's got curly hair anymore.
There's nothing left
to run my fingers through.
Just this weird
blond AstroTurf
sprouting out of his skull.”
― Sonya Sones, quote from What My Mother Doesn't Know

“I love that sign," I say.
"I love you," Robin says.
I feel my cheeks
turn the color of the sky.
"I love you, too," I say.”
― Sonya Sones, quote from What My Mother Doesn't Know

“what my mother doesnt know wont hurt her”
― Sonya Sones, quote from What My Mother Doesn't Know

“Grace says, "Are you thirsty?
I could go get the hose..."
I say, "Thanks. But I'd rather have
a swig of some Miracle-Gro.”
― Sonya Sones, quote from What My Mother Doesn't Know

“Every now and then,
during the commercials
Dad will say something like,
'How was school today, Sophie Dophie?'

Once I said, 'We played strip poker
during third period and I lost.'
Dad just said, 'That's nice,'
without even looking up from his meatloaf.”
― Sonya Sones, quote from What My Mother Doesn't Know

“If Dylan and I had met
by chatting on the Net
in a room of cyberspace
instead of face to face
and I hadn't seen his lips
or the way he moves his hips
when he does that sexy dance
and I hadn't had a chance
to look into his eyes
and be dazzled by their size
and all that I had seen
were his letters on my screen,
then I might as well confess:
I think I would have liked him

― Sonya Sones, quote from What My Mother Doesn't Know

“I prefer to thin of it as rebooting my ovarian operating system.”
― Sonya Sones, quote from What My Mother Doesn't Know

About the author

Sonya Sones
Born place: in Boston, The United States
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