Quotes from Unbreakable

Elizabeth Norris ·  496 pages

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“I didn't used to be like this. I didn't believe in love and romance and swooning. My default setting was bitch”
― Elizabeth Norris, quote from Unbreakable

“This is the second fucking time I've gotten shot when I was with you. I don't think we can be friends anymore.”
― Elizabeth Norris, quote from Unbreakable

“Everything that tried to stand between us doesn't matter.
We might have broken a little.
But now we're stronger in those broken places.
And we're going to face whatever comes next together.”
― Elizabeth Norris, quote from Unbreakable

“I was here.
I lived.
I mattered.
This is a good way to go.”
― Elizabeth Norris, quote from Unbreakable

“This is epic monument-style shit we're in.”
― Elizabeth Norris, quote from Unbreakable

“Even though I wasn't there, you were always with me. Always.”
― Elizabeth Norris, quote from Unbreakable

“I thought we had the kind of love that could do anything.”
― Elizabeth Norris, quote from Unbreakable

“You suck at working with someone," I say, because it's true.”
― Elizabeth Norris, quote from Unbreakable

“Instead of responding to me, he shakes his head and walks out of the room. And because I’m me, I follow. We are not done with this conversation.”
― Elizabeth Norris, quote from Unbreakable

“Giving up on something is like admitting you never wanted it in the first place.”
― Elizabeth Norris, quote from Unbreakable

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