6+ quotes from Trail of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz

Quotes from Trail of the Spellmans

Lisa Lutz ·  384 pages

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“You know what I'm thinking?' Maggie said.
I had no idea.
'Nope,' David replied. Apparently David didn't know either.
Maggie turned to me with pleading eyes.'Our babysitter has the flu.'
'I'm sorry to hear that,' I replied.
Dead silence.
I honestly had no idea what Maggie was getting at, so I misread the silence.
'It's not serious, I hope,' I said sympathetically.”
― Lisa Lutz, quote from Trail of the Spellmans

“I don't have any kids, so I'm not as worried about my heirs as the rest of you, but still: I think the youth of tomorrow might be better off if they knew the physical sensation of cracking a spine and turning the page.”
― Lisa Lutz, quote from Trail of the Spellmans

“David's brow unfurled and he crouched down on the floor with his daughter. 'Did you have a fun time with your aunt Izzy?' he asked in a high squeaky voice.
Sydney stared at him blankly.
'Say good morning to Aunt Izzy.'
Sydney stared at me blankly.
'Remember me from last night?' I asked.
'Did you have fun?' Maggie asked.
'I wouldn't go that far,' I replied.
'I was actually talking to Sydney, Maggie said.
'Oh well, she'd probably agree. We had an okay time, didn't we, Sydney?'
'Why can't you talk to her like a normal person?' asked David.
'I'm the only one talking to her like a normal person. You sound like a eunuch.”
― Lisa Lutz, quote from Trail of the Spellmans

“But Vivien wasn't being given the chance to sow her wild oats. Speaking from a point of authority, it's best to get that shit out of the way when you are young.”
― Lisa Lutz, quote from Trail of the Spellmans

“A salad of honesty and deception is the only way I can get away with an untruth.”
― Lisa Lutz, quote from Trail of the Spellmans

“I really think you should go out, Walter.” “No, thank you. I don’t like it there.”
― Lisa Lutz, quote from Trail of the Spellmans


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