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Markus Heitz ·  736 pages

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“Appearances are there to be ignored, for the biggest hearts may reside in the smallest and unlikeliest of creatures. Those who fail to look beyond the surface will never encounter true virtue - not in others and certainly not in themselves.”
― Markus Heitz, quote from The Dwarves

“Gathering speed, the wagon reached the point where the tunnel took a sudden plunge. Its passengers held on tightly as the vehicle tipped over the edge and careered into the abyss.
Ireheart wooped in excitement, Boëndal held on for dear life, Bavragor burst into song, and Goïmgar petitioned Vraccas, while Tungdil wondered if any of his companions were sane.”
― Markus Heitz, quote from The Dwarves

“Suddenly, his brow furrowed angrily as his nostrils detected a stench that offended the core of his being: orcs.”
― Markus Heitz, quote from The Dwarves

“Think about it if you must, but remember: If something is worth pursuing, you shouldn’t waste time. Situations change faster than you can split an orcish skull, and a moment’s hesitation could cost you your chance.”
― Markus Heitz, quote from The Dwarves

“Grumbling wouldn’t get him there any faster, but it vastly improved his mood.”
― Markus Heitz, quote from The Dwarves

“Fires are best fought with water: It puts out the flames without adding to the blaze.”
― Markus Heitz, quote from The Dwarves

“The fiery warrior was at the mercy of his temper and came to his senses only when his opponent lay bleeding on the floor.”
― Markus Heitz, quote from The Dwarves

“And let’s get this straight: If we run into orcs on the journey, the first ten are mine. You can fight among yourselves for the others.”
― Markus Heitz, quote from The Dwarves

“Come out, so I can kill you!”
― Markus Heitz, quote from The Dwarves

“no better than Bellyfluff, Sillystuff, or Starchyruff;”
― Markus Heitz, quote from The Dwarves

“glowering like a dwarven god of vengeance.”
― Markus Heitz, quote from The Dwarves

“Have you seen their teeny beards? I had more hair when I was born!”
― Markus Heitz, quote from The Dwarves

“His inner furnace burns stronger than most. Sometimes it flares up and he can’t contain his anger. It’s why we call him Ireheart.”
― Markus Heitz, quote from The Dwarves

“Army? I don’t need an army when I’ve got my ax!”
― Markus Heitz, quote from The Dwarves

“As dwarves, we are committed to wiping out evil wherever it occurs and we shall not tire in our duty.”
― Markus Heitz, quote from The Dwarves

“I don’t see why I should disguise the magnificence of my education when you do nothing to hide the paucity of yours.”
― Markus Heitz, quote from The Dwarves

“You’ve got the makings of a first-class dwarf!”
― Markus Heitz, quote from The Dwarves

About the author

Markus Heitz
Born place: in Homburg, Germany
Born date October 10, 1971
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