Quotes from The Whistling Season

Ivan Doig ·  345 pages

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“Childhood is the one story that stands by itself in every soul.”
― Ivan Doig, quote from The Whistling Season

“My books already threatened to take over my part of the room and keep on going . . . whatever cargoes of words I could lay my hands on I gave safe harbor.”
― Ivan Doig, quote from The Whistling Season

“What scrunched under our overshoes as we trudged through the stubble of the grainfield was the nasty mix of moistureless snow and windblown dirt that we called “snirt.”
― Ivan Doig, quote from The Whistling Season

“Nightly awaits that sweet address
Principality of Sleep
Happy Land of Forgetfullness”
― Ivan Doig, quote from The Whistling Season

“that whole fussy room still carried an atmosphere of having been crocheted into existence rather than carpentered.”
― Ivan Doig, quote from The Whistling Season

“Provider of moonbeams when I wanted full illumination.”
― Ivan Doig, quote from The Whistling Season

“If I have learned anything in a lifetime spent overseeing schools, it is that childhood is the one story that stands by itself in every soul.”
― Ivan Doig, quote from The Whistling Season

“As I mounted the stairs, my lips silently tried out the two words “contrary warrior” together.”
― Ivan Doig, quote from The Whistling Season

About the author

Ivan Doig
Born place: in White Sulphur Springs, Montana, The United States
Born date June 27, 1939
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