Quotes from Preacher, Volume 1: Gone to Texas

Garth Ennis ·  336 pages

Rating: (56.5K votes)

“I thought you an' I'd already settled the roles in the fucker/fuckee relationship! I guess I thought wrong!”
― Garth Ennis, quote from Preacher, Volume 1: Gone to Texas

Criminal: You can suck my dick, motherfucker!

Detective Bridges: You suck mine! [shoves barrel of pistol in the Criminal's mouth] An' you get used to it, cause you get to Rykers you're gonna find a lot of dick on the goddamn menu! Now grunt twice for yes! You through bitchin'?”
― Garth Ennis, quote from Preacher, Volume 1: Gone to Texas

“Sheriff Root: "Ask Me, I reckon it was niggers"
Deputy: "How you reckon that, Sheriff Root?"
Sheriff Root: "Kinda thing they do"
Deputy: "What, burn two hundred people to death, right down to the bone? They do that?"
Sheriff Root: "MARTIAN niggers”
― Garth Ennis, quote from Preacher, Volume 1: Gone to Texas

“If the Devil created Texas like some folks say he did, this is where he rested on the seventh day.”
― Garth Ennis, quote from Preacher, Volume 1: Gone to Texas

“Christ, I think I'd grow old if I lost you.”
― Garth Ennis, quote from Preacher, Volume 1: Gone to Texas


About the author

Garth Ennis
Born place: in Holywood, Ireland
Born date January 16, 1970
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