7+ quotes from Reborn by C.C. Hunter

Quotes from Reborn

C.C. Hunter ·  400 pages

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“No, we're vampires. And we're no more monstrous than any other species. Humans included. Good, bad, and evil isn't species-specific. Don't you ever question that.”
― C.C. Hunter, quote from Reborn

“Burnett let out a low growl and motioned for the agent to leave. Then he glanced back at Miranda. "How were you able to pull this off?"
Miranda shrugged. "I don't know." The girl's green eyes grew a sheen of tears. "They were going to hurt Della and Kylie. I panicked and just did it."
Della found her chest filling up with warmth. Kylie reached over and held Miranda's hand.
"And you did a great job," Kylie said. "I'm so proud of you."
"Me, too," Della added.
"Group hug," Miranda said, holding out her arms.
"No damn hugs!" Burnett snapped. "You can undo it, right?" he asked.
"I'm pretty sure I can."
"Oh, hell!" He raked a hand over his face. "Try to do it. Try really hard. I don't think our jail is set up to house kangaroos.”
― C.C. Hunter, quote from Reborn

“How was it Holiday put it? Just because crap pops in here- Holiday had tapped her temple-doesn't mean crap has to pop out here. She had touched her lips. The camp leader had also said that supernatural scientists were considering doing medical research to prove vampires were missing the thingamajig that filtered out inappropriate dialogue. Della wasn't sure if Holiday was joking or not.”
― C.C. Hunter, quote from Reborn

“Who the hell do you think you girls are? Charlie's Angels?”
― C.C. Hunter, quote from Reborn

“Okay, we should go.' Kylie touched Della's arm. But then, being Kylie and unable to leave on a bad note, she looked back at the new vamp. 'Welcome to Shadow Falls. I'm Kylie'
Della rolled her eyes. Why did Kylie think she had to play nice?
'You're Kylie Galen?' he asked, looking in awe 'Wow, I've heard about you.'
'Don't believe half of it,' Kylie said, a bit bashful
'I'm Chase Tallman,' he said, totally trying to impress Kylie. He even puffed out his chest a little, like a damn bird doing some kind of mating dance. Yeah, keep that up and I know a werewolf that'll be chomping on your ass!
― C.C. Hunter, quote from Reborn

“Realizing she was only wearing a towel, she said, 'Leave.'
'I tried to. Couldn't do it. A conscience is a terrible thing to acquire. Like it or not, you and I are going to be bonded.'
'Bonded?' She shook her head, only to realize that any kind of movement made the pain worse.
His gaze swept over her towel-covered body 'It could be worse. You could be ugly.'
'Get out of my bathroom!”
― C.C. Hunter, quote from Reborn

“He looked back at her. 'I mean Miranda's plan?'
She hated admitting it, but...'As crazy as it is, it might have.'
He inhaled. 'Did you like kissing him?'
Too much She almost lied, but then...'Probably no more than you enjoyed kissing Jessie.' And she knew he enjoyed it because he'd looked so guilty the day she'd called him on it.
He stared out the window again. 'You could have lied on that one.”
― C.C. Hunter, quote from Reborn

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