7+ quotes from The Voice on the Radio by Caroline B. Cooney

Quotes from The Voice on the Radio

Caroline B. Cooney ·  224 pages

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“Turnpikes at night were like girl talk: not interesting.”
― Caroline B. Cooney, quote from The Voice on the Radio

“When you were steadily dating a boy, as she was Reeve, and this was known to everybody, it freed you up to be friends with boys.”
― Caroline B. Cooney, quote from The Voice on the Radio

“Brian was only thirteen. He was asleep by one A.M.”
― Caroline B. Cooney, quote from The Voice on the Radio

“Janie and Jodie looked at him as if he were an out-of-date computer chip.”
― Caroline B. Cooney, quote from The Voice on the Radio

“Barbies are warm and tan and always the same, thought Janie, but real people are not always the same.”
― Caroline B. Cooney, quote from The Voice on the Radio

“Last time she had been here, the room had been pastel, romantic and soft. Now it was icily white. It was urban, out of a slick magazine, as if some cold, successful woman lived here with two possessions and an empty refrigerator.”
― Caroline B. Cooney, quote from The Voice on the Radio

“Every time he calls, I nag him to study.” “I hear that boys don’t like to be nagged.” “Me too, but it’s irresistible. You always want to take the boy and mold him into something better.”
― Caroline B. Cooney, quote from The Voice on the Radio

About the author

Caroline B. Cooney
Born place: in Geneva, New York, The United States
Born date May 10, 1947
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