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5+ quotes from The Winter Sword by Alaric Longward

Quotes from The Winter Sword

Alaric Longward ·  478 pages

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“As a soldier, I would hang him. As a politician, knowing him my enemy, I need him near me.”
― Alaric Longward, quote from The Winter Sword

“For a young lord to become the leader of such a nation as this one, he has to become its oldest Lord.”
― Alaric Longward, quote from The Winter Sword

“Children care nothing for the glory of centuries past when they laugh and run free over the hills.”
― Alaric Longward, quote from The Winter Sword

“And I had a makings of a plan. It had no form nor details, and it would be, when finished, a perilous, hopeless plan, for it depended on a woman.”
― Alaric Longward, quote from The Winter Sword

“gods and luck are fickle friends at best.”
― Alaric Longward, quote from The Winter Sword

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Alaric Longward
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