Quotes from Broken

J.L. Drake ·  383 pages

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“You can always fall, Savannah, because I will be the one catching you.”
― J.L. Drake, quote from Broken

“There wasn't a moment when I was gone that I didn't think of you, Savannah. You're like a goddamn drug that's making me weak at the knees. It's taking every ounce of my self control not to kiss you right now".
"I wouldn't stop you".”
― J.L. Drake, quote from Broken

“My heart is incredibly invested in this man, tangled in a web of love that almost makes it difficult to breathe.”
― J.L. Drake, quote from Broken

“This girl is getting a goddamn tracking device in her arm this time.”
― J.L. Drake, quote from Broken

“This is where you belong, baby, with me... nowhere else.”
― J.L. Drake, quote from Broken

“You've crossed the forbidden line, asshole! He smiles a little, though, as he rushes down the staircase, her taste lingering on his tongue.”
― J.L. Drake, quote from Broken

“Maybe I just need to stop overthinking things and let myself live a little.  ”
― J.L. Drake, quote from Broken

“York spoke to her.” Keith makes a face as Cole's expression hardens.”
― J.L. Drake, quote from Broken

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J.L. Drake
Born place: in Halifax, Canada
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