Quotes from The Trouble with Love

Lauren Layne ·  237 pages

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“Ask me what else I remember."
She started to run away, but his hand touched her arm.
"Ask me," he commanded.
Emma shook her head feeling both terrified and the most alive she'd felt in years.
He waited patiently until her eyes met his. "I remember us, Emma.”
― Lauren Layne, quote from The Trouble with Love

“You want to know what I remember," he said quietly, his fingers fiddling with his cuffs as he rolled the sleeves up to his elbow, his eyes locked on the view before them.
She nodded.
He shoved his hands into his pockets and dipped his head just slightly, glancing at the floor before lifting it and staring out at the night sky.
"I remember everything.”
― Lauren Layne, quote from The Trouble with Love

“That's what we do. We sex things up.”
― Lauren Layne, quote from The Trouble with Love

“Just that I figure at some point, some guy must have been able to make you smile. And I always wondered if it was the same guy that made you stop.”
― Lauren Layne, quote from The Trouble with Love

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Lauren Layne
Born place: The United States
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