8+ quotes from The Rembrandt Affair by Daniel Silva

Quotes from The Rembrandt Affair

Daniel Silva ·  484 pages

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“The secrets of survivors are not easily surrendered. They are locked away behind barricaded doors and accessed at great risk to those who possess them.”
― Daniel Silva, quote from The Rembrandt Affair

“before revelation. Zoe before truth. Zoe who was keeping a”
― Daniel Silva, quote from The Rembrandt Affair

“she had read once that the recovery time from a romantic relationship is equal to the life span of the relationship itself.”
― Daniel Silva, quote from The Rembrandt Affair

“Behind every great fortune lies a great crime. —HONORÉ DE BALZAC”
― Daniel Silva, quote from The Rembrandt Affair

“scrutiny, he gave no sign of it. He watched”
― Daniel Silva, quote from The Rembrandt Affair

“My business is hurting, too. Everyone on the street is in trouble. I never thought I would say this, but the world was a much better place when the Americans were still rich.”
― Daniel Silva, quote from The Rembrandt Affair

“planning to tell me about your little”
― Daniel Silva, quote from The Rembrandt Affair

“Behind every fortune lies a great crime,” said Ramirez. “Honoré de Balzac,”
― Daniel Silva, quote from The Rembrandt Affair

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Daniel Silva
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