Quotes from The Pagan Stone

Nora Roberts ·  305 pages

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“My boyfriend and I are badasses. ”
― Nora Roberts, quote from The Pagan Stone

“Did he mean me or Jenny Mullendore was a slut?" Joanne wondered. "Because honestly, I don't see how she has the time for slut activities with those two preschoolers of hers. Me, I've got lots of time.”
― Nora Roberts, quote from The Pagan Stone

“Grab it while you can because tomorrow could suck you dry.”
― Nora Roberts, quote from The Pagan Stone

“When we destroy it." She spoke clearly now, steadily now. "If it comes in a form with a dick, I will personally castrate it".”
― Nora Roberts, quote from The Pagan Stone

“I think you're under no obligation whatsoever to forgive anything, to forget anything. You're not required to push away the years of abuse because the abuser now chooses to be sober and in his sobriety regrets his actions. And white may be small and unforgiving of me, I think people who do so at the snap of a dam finger are either liars or are in need of serious therapy. I assume you heard him out, so in my personal opinion, any debt you might owe for your existence is now paid in full. It may be fashionable to hold that terrible actions are indeed terrible, but that hte person inflicting them isn't responbile due to alcohol, drugs, DNA, or GD PMS. He damn well was responsible, and if you decided to loathe him for the rest of your life, I wouldn't blame you for it. How's that?" (Cybil to Gage - she ROCKS)”
― Nora Roberts, quote from The Pagan Stone

“Destiny has more than one road.”
― Nora Roberts, quote from The Pagan Stone

About the author

Nora Roberts
Born place: in Silver Spring, Maryland, The United States
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