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6+ quotes from The Light Behind the Window by Lucinda Riley

Quotes from The Light Behind the Window

Lucinda Riley ·  532 pages

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“And what's wrong with dimming the harsh reality of life a little, anyway? In essence, being alive is a bloody long and hard walk to death. Why not make it as pleasant along the way as you can?”
― Lucinda Riley, quote from The Light Behind the Window

“I seem to be an expert at getting people's backs up. And I fully admit to occasionally doing it on purpose. Must be the boredom." Alex sighed.
"You mean, you like to test people? Push them to their limits? Use the shock tactic of saying out loud the things that most other human beings wouldn't dare to? In order to deflate them, to break down their guard, which immediately puts you in control?"
"Touche, Madam." Alex looked at her with new respect. "Well now, with that piercing riposte, plus the slap this afternoon, I'd say we're quits, wouldn't you?”
― Lucinda Riley, quote from The Light Behind the Window


A glowing dawn, a sweet, ripe peach,
A blue sea lapping on the beach.
A hint of spring, a dewy rose
Whose scent assails an eager nose.
Beauty now at every sight.
A feast for senses to delight.

A darkened cell, the fear of night,
A mistral blows with all its might.
A winter's chill in barren land,
The bitter cold through frozen hand.
Beauty now has closed its door.
And swept away for distant shore.

A touch of cheek, a lingered kiss
So soft remembered, soon to miss.
A tender arm around me thrown,
The beauty of a heart's true home.
In black despair, a shooting star,
For Paradise is where you are.”
― Lucinda Riley, quote from The Light Behind the Window

“Beaumont's intention was to promote the virtue and nutritional value of fruit-bearing trees. Fifteen different genera of fruit and a number of their different species are described in the work: almonds, apricots, a barberry, cherries, quinces, figs, strawberries, gooseberries, apples, a mulberry, pears, peaches, plums, grapes, and raspberries. Each colored plate illustrates the plant's seed, foliage, blossom, fruit, and sometimes cross sections of the species.”
― Lucinda Riley, quote from The Light Behind the Window

“Emilie gazed across the terrace and the formal gardens to the undulating vineyards that surrounded”
― Lucinda Riley, quote from The Light Behind the Window

“I'd Like to See

I'd like to see the red
Of the roses in full bloom.
I'd like to see the silver
Of sun's reflection on the moon.

I'd like to see the blue
Of the ocean when it's roaring.
I'd like to see the brown
Of the eagle when it's soaring.

I'd like to see the purple
Of grapes hanging on the vine.
I'd like to see the yellow
Of the sun in summertime.

I'd like to see the russet
Of the chestnuts on the tree.
I'd like to see the faces
Of those that smile at me.”
― Lucinda Riley, quote from The Light Behind the Window

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Lucinda Riley
Born place: Ireland
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