7+ quotes from Market Forces by Richard K. Morgan

Quotes from Market Forces

Richard K. Morgan ·  464 pages

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“Wealth, in his experience, was not something the people who had it were at all keen to see trickling anywhere.”
― Richard K. Morgan, quote from Market Forces

“No hagas juicios en tres dimensiones de lo que sólo puedes ver en la pantalla de un televisor.”
― Richard K. Morgan, quote from Market Forces

“In order to bring about a convulsive political change, it was essential to intensify the existing social tensions to the point where all would be driven to choose sides in what would thus be established as a simplistic equation of class conflict. Marxists and their ideological inheritors described this as sharpening the contradictions of society.”
― Richard K. Morgan, quote from Market Forces

“We’re more than what we do.”
― Richard K. Morgan, quote from Market Forces

“IN ARCHITECTURAL ECHO of service pyramid theory, the Shorn block had rented out its bottom two levels to a series of shopping and eating units that collectively went under the name Basecamp. According to the Shorn promotional literature that Chris had read, Basecamp provided employment for more than six hundred people and, together with the Shorn-owned vehicle repair shops in the basement, was a working embodiment of the virtues of trickledown wealth creation. Prosperity spread out from the foundations of the Shorn block like vegetation from an aquifer, said the literature warmly, though the metaphor that occurred to Chris was water leaking from the cracked base of an old clay flowerpot. Wealth, in his experience, was not something the people who had it were at all keen to see trickling anywhere.”
― Richard K. Morgan, quote from Market Forces

“He picked one at random, a luridly violent far-future crime novel about a detective who could seemingly exchange bodies at will, but the subject matter was alien to him and his attention drifted. It all seemed very far-fetched.”
― Richard K. Morgan, quote from Market Forces

“No way. You won’t catch Notley working weekends. Calls it the American disease, working all the hours God sends you.”
― Richard K. Morgan, quote from Market Forces

About the author

Richard K. Morgan
Born place: in London, England, The United Kingdom
Born date September 24, 1965
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