Quotes from Enchanted Glass

Diana Wynne Jones ·  332 pages

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“I seem to have excalibured this knife.”
― Diana Wynne Jones, quote from Enchanted Glass

“But I do think that when people say 'a learning curve,' they make a mistake. Learning to me always seems to go in a straight, ignorant line and then, every so often, takes a jump straight upward.”
― Diana Wynne Jones, quote from Enchanted Glass

“But whoever heard of enchanted bacon anyway?”
― Diana Wynne Jones, quote from Enchanted Glass

“Mr. Stock came out of the competition tent carrying his zeppelin marrow on one shoulder and demanding to know what was going on. When he saw the hordes advancing on Aidan, he charged off that way, whirling the great vegetable. The Puck, who was rushing behind the horde, yelling at them to grab Aidan and kill Rolf, was Mr. Stock's first victim. The marrow caught him THOCK! on the side of the head. It laid the Puck out cold on the grass, but the mighty vegetable remained intact, mottled and glossy”
― Diana Wynne Jones, quote from Enchanted Glass

“On Wednesday, for variety, he accosted Andrew as Andrew went out to check the state of the garden walls and presented a further cardboard box containing ten kilos of tomatoes and a squash like a deformed head of a baby.”
― Diana Wynne Jones, quote from Enchanted Glass

“Aidan was fascinated by Mr. Stock's hat. Perhaps it had once been a trilby sort of thing. It may once hace even been a definite color. Now it was more like something that had grown - like a fungus - on Mr. Stock's head, so mashed and used and rammed down by earthy hands that you could have thought it was a mushroom that had accidentally grown into a sort of gnome-hat. It had a slightly domed top and a floppy edge. And a definite smell”
― Diana Wynne Jones, quote from Enchanted Glass

“I am not,' he said, 'having that lummock-de-troll glunching about this place! Trod on all my tomatoes, he did, last year.”
― Diana Wynne Jones, quote from Enchanted Glass

“Everybody at a university was to her a professor, unless they were students of course, and therefore even worse.”
― Diana Wynne Jones, quote from Enchanted Glass

About the author

Diana Wynne Jones
Born place: in London, England, The United Kingdom
Born date August 16, 1934
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