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14+ quotes from The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi

Quotes from The Krishna Key

Ashwin Sanghi ·  475 pages

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“Vish, the creator; and Shiv, the destroyer, are simply two faces of the very same coin.”
― Ashwin Sanghi, quote from The Krishna Key

“The Divine is simply that which science has not yet explained. In effect, God = Infinity - Human Knowledge.”
― Ashwin Sanghi, quote from The Krishna Key

“Omniscient, omnipotent, omnivorous and omnipresent all begin with Om.”
― Ashwin Sanghi, quote from The Krishna Key

“What is divine? Simply that which man has not yet been able to understand. Once understood, it ceases to be divine.”
― Ashwin Sanghi, quote from The Krishna Key

“By simply believing that their lives could be transformed, they succeeded in converting their thoughts into reality.’ It”
― Ashwin Sanghi, quote from The Krishna Key

“Where the telescope ends the microscope begins, and who can say which has the wider vision?”
― Ashwin Sanghi, quote from The Krishna Key

“When jumbled up, the letters contained in the name Taarak Vakil now spelt out a name that every theologian in India would be familiar with. Kalki avatar—the tenth incarnation of Vishnu.”
― Ashwin Sanghi, quote from The Krishna Key

“good lawyers know the law and that great lawyers know the judge?”
― Ashwin Sanghi, quote from The Krishna Key

“The French philosopher Voltaire was the one who vehemently declared, “Pythagoras went to the Ganges to learn geometry.”
― Ashwin Sanghi, quote from The Krishna Key

“Modern scientists now believe that there are seven broad forms of energy—mechanical, heat, chemical, radiant, electrical, sound, and nuclear. It is my reasoned guess that the ancient yogis knew this. They also knew that each of these could be broken into seven constituent elements! It’s impossible to understand how they knew this, but they did. Even their most important and exalted river—the Sarasvati—was part of the Saptasindhu, the seven rivers. Vedic knowledge was derived from the Saptarishi—the seven sages. Even Dwarka was the embodiment of Saptadweep—the seven islands.”
― Ashwin Sanghi, quote from The Krishna Key

“Our collective energies make miracles happen, not the stone idol.”
― Ashwin Sanghi, quote from The Krishna Key

“No one called me Krishna in Gokul. I was lovingly called Kanhaiya or Kanha—the adolescent—by the village folk. My pranks and naughtiness were a frequent topic of discussion. My insatiable appetite for butter earned me the title of ‘Maakhan Chor’ in the village.”
― Ashwin Sanghi, quote from The Krishna Key

“history is simply a version of events that can be easily influenced by the political, cultural and religious leanings of those who write it.”
― Ashwin Sanghi, quote from The Krishna Key

“You are spot-on,’ remarked Saini. ‘Prior to the advent of Islam, the word Allah had already existed. It was derived from two Arabic words, al—meaning “the”, and ilah—meaning “deity”. Over a period of time, the combined phrase al-ilah came to be pronounced as Allah.”
― Ashwin Sanghi, quote from The Krishna Key


About the author

Ashwin Sanghi
Born place: in Mumbai, India
Born date January 25, 2018
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