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Quotes from The Girl I Was Before

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“I’ve learned that life twists and turns on you, that unexpected shit falls in your lap, and sometimes it’s a blessing and other times it’s your worst nightmare. Through all of that, I’ve learned that wasting time missing out on the things that really matter is just that—a waste of time.”
― Ginger Scott, quote from The Girl I Was Before

“Paige needs someone who has a spotlight,” Cass starts. I feel Houston shift, and I keep my eyes at my drink. I should argue with her, be offended or defend myself. But the old me, the girl I was before, wouldn’t. She’d agree. “Paige”
― Ginger Scott, quote from The Girl I Was Before

“I just feel like even the ugliest truth feels a whole lot better than carrying around the weight of lies.”
― Ginger Scott, quote from The Girl I Was Before

“That’s how I know it was really love, I guess,” he says, his words bringing my head back to level, my eyes right to him. He’s still lost in the stars. “When you want something for someone else more than you want them to be here for you—when you just wish they had more time, rather than more time with you. I’m pretty sure that’s love.”
― Ginger Scott, quote from The Girl I Was Before

“But thing is, with anyone else, you’d just be their girlfriend, and with me…you’re kind of my world.”
― Ginger Scott, quote from The Girl I Was Before

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