6+ quotes from The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb

Quotes from The Farseer Trilogy

Robin Hobb ·  1952 pages

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“A message is not delivered until it is understood.”
― Robin Hobb, quote from The Farseer Trilogy

“Fool, there is no sense in trying to play that game with the past. Here is where we are today, and we can only make our moves from here.”
― Robin Hobb, quote from The Farseer Trilogy

“The fight isn't over until you win it...That's all you have to remember. No matter what the other man thinks.”
― Robin Hobb, quote from The Farseer Trilogy

“Sometimes I wonder about that grip. The hand was hard and rough, trapping mine within it. And yet it was warm, and not unkind, as it held mine. Only firm. It did not let me slip on the icy streets, but it did not let me escape my fate, either.”
― Robin Hobb, quote from The Farseer Trilogy

“I wondered if there were any way to live amongst other people and refuse to be harnessed by their expectations and dependencies.”
― Robin Hobb, quote from The Farseer Trilogy

“It was an impressive display of good food abused in the name of fashionable cooking.”
― Robin Hobb, quote from The Farseer Trilogy

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Robin Hobb
Born place: in California, The United States
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