Quotes from The End

Charlie Higson ·  454 pages

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“I’m fighting and I’m winning and I’m living. The full package.”
― Charlie Higson, quote from The End

“Yeah,’ said Blue quietly. ‘World peace and free Wi-Fi.”
― Charlie Higson, quote from The End

“He’s also a dick,’ said Achilleus to a scattering of laughter. Maxie saw that even Nicola was trying to hide a smile.”
― Charlie Higson, quote from The End

“After Arran died we could've fallen apart. But we didn't. Because you held it together. "Arran Lives" - you remember that?"
"I remember."
"He lived in you, Max. You done well. I like you. You're cool.”
― Charlie Higson, quote from The End

“You’re gonna really scare them grown-ups, Paddy,’ said Achilleus. ‘They’ll be filling their nappies in fright.”
― Charlie Higson, quote from The End

“I was the hero, Roberto De Niro, William Shakespearo! Walking on the beaches, looking at the peaches.”
― Charlie Higson, quote from The End

“Then maybe I’ll sneak into Buckingham Palace and slit his chicken throat one night.”
― Charlie Higson, quote from The End

“Well, there’s a shitstorm coming, Hayden. And we’re going to be right in the middle of it.”
― Charlie Higson, quote from The End

About the author

Charlie Higson
Born place: in The United Kingdom
Born date July 3, 1958
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“Talen smiled. “When did you get so smart?"
“I’ve always been smart.” She forced a smile, biting back a wince as her damaged lip protested.
“Good. Smart girls get to do the dishes.”
― Rebecca Zanetti, quote from Provoked

“She cried out as he quickly shoved a hand into the front of her panties, the sharp sound becoming a breathless moan when he cupped her warm sex in his palm and gave a predatory growl. Her delicate hands were on the sides of his neck, clutching him to her, her tongue sliding against his in a way that made his blood boil. Heat poured off him in blistering, sweltering waves as he shoved two thick fingers inside the slick, narrow opening of her body, stretching tender tissues, surprised by how perfect and small she felt. By how tightly she gripped him.
“I knew,” he groaned, nipping her mouth with his teeth as he pushed his fingers deeper into that hot, melting honey. “I fucking knew you were going to feel like this.”
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“They looked like the people you see on the six o’clock news—refugees, sent to wait in some strange ugly place, with all their boxes and sacks around them. It suddenly occurred to me that this was just the way it must have been for the real Holy Family, stuck away in a barn by people who didn’t much care what happened to them. They couldn’t have been very neat and tidy either, but more like this Mary and Joseph”
― Barbara Robinson, quote from The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

“Cehennemi yaşadın ve şimdi istemediğin halde düşmanınla bir bağ kurdun. Benden daha iyi bir erkeği hak ediyorsun.”
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“When I asked Robert Spitzer about the possibility that he'd inadvertently created a world in which ordinary behaviours were being labelled mental disorders, he fell silent. I waited for him to answer. But the silence lasted three minutes. Finally he said, 'I don't know.”
― Jon Ronson, quote from The Psychopath Test

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