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Jennifer Crusie ·  416 pages

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“You want sensitive and understanding, stick with the therapist.You want great,
headbanging sex, get off the fucking phone and come with me.”
― Jennifer Crusie, quote from Welcome to Temptation

“That's a movie quote, right? You know, if you do that with books, people think you're intelligent."
Sophie lowered her chin. "If this is your pathetic attempt to seduce me again, you're falling miserably."
"I don't seduce woman." Phin shoved back his chair and stood up. "They fall into my open arms."
"Clumsy of them.”
― Jennifer Crusie, quote from Welcome to Temptation

“Say, ‘Thank you, Phin.’ ”
“Oh, please.”
“Say, Thank youvery much, Phin. ”
“I don’t think so.”
“Say, ‘You are a great lover, Phin.’ ”
“I’m out of here.”
― Jennifer Crusie, quote from Welcome to Temptation

“He looked like every glossy frat boy in every nerd movie ever made, like every popular town boy who’d ever looked right through her in high school, like every rotten rich kid who’d ever belonged where she hadn’t.

My mama warned me about guys like you.

He turned to her as if he’d heard her and took off his sunglasses, and she went down the steps to meet him, wiping her sweaty palms on her dust-smeared khaki shorts. “Hi, I’m Sophie Dempsey,” she said, flashing the Dempsey gotta-love-me grin as she held out her hot, grimy hand, and after a moment he took it.

His hand was clean and cool and dry, and her heart pounded harder as she looked into his remote, gray eyes.

“Hello, Sophie Dempsey,” her worst nightmare said. “Welcome to Temptation.”
― Jennifer Crusie, quote from Welcome to Temptation

“Say it,” she said, and he said, “I love you. I’ll always love you. Forever. It’s a life sentence. Now put the damn ring on.”
― Jennifer Crusie, quote from Welcome to Temptation

“Dead woman are not romantic,' Sophie said flatly.

'Okay, she's not dead,' Phin said. 'The bear ate her, and she came her brains out.”
― Jennifer Crusie, quote from Welcome to Temptation

“I suppose you had to," Wes said when Phin went back to join him at the table.

"Pretty much. She seduced me."

"Yeah, right," Wes said. "She said, 'Please fix the kitchen drain,' and you interpreted that--"

"She said, 'Fuck me.' " Phin put two balls on the table and picked up his cue. "I interpreted that to mean she wanted sex."

"Oh." Wes picked up his cue. "That would have been my call, too." He squinted at the table. "Why would she have said that?"

"On a guess? Because she wanted sex.”
― Jennifer Crusie, quote from Welcome to Temptation

“Phin spared a moment of sympathy for Frank until he looked back and saw him at the bar, leaning into Clea’s cleavage. Get a grip, Frank, he thought, and then he looked down Sophie’s dress and thought, Never mind, Frank.”
― Jennifer Crusie, quote from Welcome to Temptation

“Sophie held the [hand]cuffs higher, hopint to instill some sense of shame, if not in him, then at least in herself. One look at him and she wanted him again. "I found them in the bed."

"That makes sense," Phin said. "That's where I lost them."

"I'd ask what you were doing with them," Sophie said, trying not to sound bitchy, "but I probably don't want to know, do I?"

"Sure you do. It was exciting and different and depraved." Phin nodded toward the stairs. "Go put them someplace we can find them, and I'll show you later.”
― Jennifer Crusie, quote from Welcome to Temptation

“[...] And those women with the camera looked loose."

Excellent, Phin thought. At last, some good news.”
― Jennifer Crusie, quote from Welcome to Temptation

“Hell, your kid is fucking my wife, and your wife is fucking me. [...]
Not that she's any good, Zane said, looking at Georgia, and when she made a little cry of protest, he added, Hell Georgia, even Jell-O moves when you eat it.”
― Jennifer Crusie, quote from Welcome to Temptation

“On the very outside chance that we might play again, you should know that pool is the closest thing I have to a religion. Don't ever throw a game with me again.”
― Jennifer Crusie, quote from Welcome to Temptation

“I was standing in the doorway when he said hi,” Amy said. “And from the look on his face, what he has for you is not the key to the city.”
― Jennifer Crusie, quote from Welcome to Temptation

“Don't even think about it."
"Well, when can I walk by myself?"
"When you get your driver's license."
"You always, always say that." Dillie scowled at him. "That's when everything happens."
"It's going to be a busy day," Phin agreed.”
― Jennifer Crusie, quote from Welcome to Temptation

“We're going to need a bigger dock”
― Jennifer Crusie, quote from Welcome to Temptation

“Everything will be fine. Nothing but good times ahead.”
― Jennifer Crusie, quote from Welcome to Temptation

“She gave Rachel her usual obsessively loving smile, including Phin in it, too, as her future son-in-law. Such a nice couple, her smile said. What lovely grandchildren they'll give me. And they'll live right next door.

Phin's answering smile said, Not a chance in hell, while Rachel gazed at Justice and Mercy, pretending she'd never heard of pornography or sex, or Phin, for that matter.”
― Jennifer Crusie, quote from Welcome to Temptation

“- Teach me something new, she said, and he bent her back onto the bed and she shivered as his body slid against hers.
- Okay, Phin said. But pay attention, Julie Ann, there'll be a quiz.”
― Jennifer Crusie, quote from Welcome to Temptation

“Tu es inoubliable. Tu vois ? Même pas besoin de répéter après toi pour dire ça. Et maintenant, est-ce que je peux vous faire l'amour , s'il vous plaît, madame ?”
― Jennifer Crusie, quote from Welcome to Temptation

“The problem wasn't that Stephen was a fathead and Virginia was a gossip. It was that Stephen was a driven fathead with a large conservative following and Virginia talked to everyone.”
― Jennifer Crusie, quote from Welcome to Temptation

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