Quotes from Life and Times of Frederick Douglass

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“How do you feel," said a friend to me, "when you are hooted and jeered on the street on account of your color?" "I feel as if an ass had kicked, but had hit nobody," was my answer.”
― Frederick Douglass, quote from Life and Times of Frederick Douglass

“Men who live by robbing their fellow men of their labor and liberty have forfeited their right to know anything of the thoughts, feelings, or purposes of those whom they rob and plunder. They have by the single act of slaveholding voluntarily placed themselves beyond the laws of justice and honor, and have become only fitted for companionship with thieves and pirates - the common enemies of God and of all mankind.”
― Frederick Douglass, quote from Life and Times of Frederick Douglass

“For no man who lives at all lives unto himself. He either helps or hinders all who are in anywise connected to him.”
― Frederick Douglass, quote from Life and Times of Frederick Douglass

“He was whipped oftener who was whipped easiest.”
― Frederick Douglass, quote from Life and Times of Frederick Douglass

“none to molest them or make them afraid.”
― Frederick Douglass, quote from Life and Times of Frederick Douglass

“A man’s troubles are always half disposed of when he finds endurance the only alternative.”
― Frederick Douglass, quote from Life and Times of Frederick Douglass

About the author

Frederick Douglass
Born place: in Talbot County, Maryland, The United States
Born date February 14, 1818
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